My Thoughts on United 93

I just got done watching United 93 for the first time. It’s two weeks in a row for September 11th-based movies. Like last time, I’m not really sure how you describe such a movie. Watching it without any emotion: it’s just another movie. However, when I really think about these lives and how they knew they were living their final moments, it really gets me. There was a part where they did a very deep drop, and at first I wasn’t thinking much of it — but then I realized, this was like a roller-coaster (I hate roller-coasters).  This was like the dip that normally comes back to an upgrade — only this one didn’t.  How these people had the courage to go against everything, really spoke to me.  I knew the story of what happened on that flight, but I never really could fully grasp the depth of it.  Maybe it’s because I never fly.

This movie should be seen.  As I said last time, forgetting about that day will only cause us to relive it in another attack.  History virtually always repeats itself, and unless we stand up it’s going to again.  Last time it was harder than the first.  If anything, this should be a warning.

Music Reviews

One of my favorite things in life is music. Music can speak volumes. There’s so much music out there that there’s always something available that can speak directly to your heart about how you feel. So here it is, two mini-reviews of some CD’s I’ve been listening to lately.

Fireflight CD Cover The first disc is by Fireflight entitled, “The Healing of Harms“. The album is short, between 30 and 35 minutes, which does seem to make it go by rather quickly.  However, the content is pure, heartfelt, and honest. The listener is challenged in the first single released off of the album, You Decide, to decide today if your going to give God everything, or if you’re going to remain complacent (“God is calling out to you just let healing start / Will you open up and let Him in”).  I only wish the album was a little longer, other than that it’s going down as one of my all-time favorites.

Jessie Daniels CD Cover As is the debut album by Jessie Daniels. I’ve not got into a good contemporary artist in quite a while, so I guess sometimes there needs to be a change. This album changed it all. After seeing her listed somewhere as a new Christian artist, I rushed to check her out. I was amazed. Each song is written by Jessie Daniels, 19, herself.  She’s got some passionate lyrics about God, life, and relationships.  From the song Stand Out, which talks about laying down what others think of you (“Why are we so quick to hide originality / We try and try to fit inside a false reality / We’re all the same when it comes to putting on the face and its such a shame”), to the song The Noise, which talks about hearing God’s voice through everything (“I don’t know why / I don’t know how / It’s so easy to forget / And fall back in / So I start listening / To something that was said / In a world that’s deafening / Above everything”).  She’s very relevant, and I’ve fallen in love with the album. She’s most definitely on my list of favorites.

I said I’d only review two, so there they are. I’m not the best reviewer, but I felt these two required a review for their originality and because they’re two relatively newcomers into the industry (Fireflight just getting recognition). Remember to check them out! I’m sure you’ll love them.