Been Busy

I’m not going to post much today. Sometimes the days seem to be so packed full of just anything and everything. It’s not too bad though. I get off of work at 3:00 now … for this week anyway. I really haven’t done much but just sat there and looked at websites (because there is not support tickets … so … I just sit and do that). I’m definatly not complaining. It’s not that bad, just gets boring sometimes. 😛 Oh, it’s also cold too. The A/C units are NEVER turned off. And I’m right under an A/C vent. It’s not that bad … just need to get out sometimes and thaw out. 😛

An interesting convo I overheard today. Someone was talking about someone else saying they weren’t a Christian because of something they did, and then this other person was “reassuring them” that they were “indeed” a Christian or whatnot. Now, I know I shouldn’t … but I just had to analise this. Before this person ended their conversation it was ended in “I know I’m a Christian … but … blah blah blah”. That got me to thinking … if you “know” you’re a Christian, then why add more after? It’s kinda like, “I know this because …” like “let’s reassure MYSELF that I am one”. That lead to further thinking … maybe people that say that aren’t Christians. Do I know who this was talking? No. Have I even met the person? Nope. So I can’t judge, nor am I, but I was just wondering why are they arguing and reassuring each other they’re good if they already KNOW they’re Christians?

Next comes a conversation with a “Christian” buisness owner who does “devotion” time before work each day. However, after this “devotion time” comes curse words left and right. Alright, I understand if they fly out sometimes (actually I don’t, because I can control my tounge, so I believe they should be able to as well) … but is this setting ANY sort of GOOD example for Christians? Heck no. It makes us as a whole look bad, and literally drives people away from wanting any part of it. It’s like “wow, I thought this person was diffrent …”. Now sure, this person could be a Christian … but wouldn’t it be pretty bad if they get to heaven and hear the words “I don’t know you” and the person jumps back with “but I spoke in your name”? It’ll be pretty bad for a lot of people … and these people will have the worst knowing they thought they knew Christ, but fell short. Just something to think on. You might not think cursing is wrong, but others see it as “filth” (as someone from work said) … and YOU’RE suppose to be an example for them. Getting by just because your so simpleminded and can’t change just a LITTLE for God is pretty shotty after Christ gave his life for you. Again, something to think on.

Now ….. time to get to other tasks on my agenda!