Note: this was written on the way to the hotel, this was posted in the hotel.

Here I am, in Kentucky, its 9:15PM, and we still have over 1,000 miles to go until we get to our wonderful destination, Colorado Springs, CO. I figured I’d take the time to write about my day thus far before we stop at our hotel in Paducah, KY, about 50 minutes or so away.

Today was like any other day at work – I answered the phone a little bit and unlocked peoples accounts via Active Directory, not that hard though. I profiled probably around 10 to 15 computers, maybe. It wasn’t that bad of a work day. I got out at 2:00 so we could go ahead and leave and beat the Birmingham rush hour traffic, which we did. We passed through right at 5:00 or so, so mission accomplished. I’m hoping the hotel we stop at has free internet, but we’ll just have to wait and see I guess. There really isn’t much to do in the van. My little brothers been fighting and arguing a lot about anything. He’s saying he’s cold (hmm, my laptops 93 degrees at the moment, it’s not that cold), and then he says pretty much anything else, but it’s going good. The ice chest is under a ton of stuff, so I had to dig to get to my Dew. I’ve listened to somewhere around 4% of my music collection thus far (shuffled, 125 songs out of 3158 total). If I listen to my iPod the entire day tomorrow, I might get to 600, but I doubt it.

I’m kind of ready to see Colorado Springs again, wait, I AM ready! I’m ready to go down the familiar streets again that I’ve not went down in years … I still don’t know many of the streets in Tallassee and Montgomery and I live and work there, I know Colorado Springs more though because I did live there 7 years. Enough of all the boring stuff …

What I’m ready for more than anything though is what God’s going to do. I’m ready to worship God with everything I have, I do it alone a lot of times, but there are times when corporate worship is so much better. Personal worship is good for cleaning your heart out and all, but corporate worship honors God in a whole different way, it’s so very awesome.

I have another 30 minutes or so left until Paducah. I get to drive tomorrow through Kansas and, hopefully, Colorado tomorrow. Kansas is one of the worst states to drive through. It’s almost straight the entire way, very boring. I’ll get to drive through the “Colorful Colorado” sign though, which I can’t wait to see!

Church starts tomorrow at 6, I believe, registration is 4-6, but I believe me and Jenna just have to go in and get our journal things, and we’re good to go (because we have our tickets and all).

Anyway, I’m going to go!

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  1. Worship DOES totally rock. Personal worship is really intimate and all, but there is something so special when there are a group of believers uniting their hearts to God, plugging into him, giving their all to him, praising him with one voice and one heart…man oh man, I wanna be a worship leader! Sounds like you’ve been really busy…

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