Hindsight …

Sometimes there comes a point in everyones life when you’ve just got to stop and look back in hindsight over life. Unfortunatly, that’s probably not going to have anything to do with this post.

Today was great! Almost a week ago I got a new sunroof (ah, my old one was broken). Last night it rained — so it was the test to see if it was installed right, and didn’t leak. It passed. I got my credit card in the mail today (which I didn’t get to make payments on things, but rather to buy stuff online and possibly gas). After school I called the advisor center to set an appointment to schedule my classes for the fall semester. I’ve called every every day or so for the past week or so. Finally got someone. This is why e-mail is better; you get a response faster and the recipient can reply whenever they wish. The only downside to that is most students don’t know how to use e-mail. It was rather funny the first few weeks of class when a room full of 30 people has five people that their e-mails bounce back. Note to readers: make your e-mail short and sweet (for a great example, look at my e-mail address). Church tonight was good, as always. I had some homework … and part of a math final (which is take home) to do. The math final took me about an hour or so to do one problem (so I’ll do one problem each night, as the teacher recommended). I do hope I get those 10 points on that problems. That’s a waste of time if I don’t (and I didn’t learn anything from mistakes on those).

I opened my draw full of important stuff (such as candy) and realized I’ve been eating too much chocolate, too fast. I need to either buy some (dark) chocolate in bulk (and pay a fortune), just pay in tiny increments (and pay a fortune times a half), or just wait until people give me more chocolate for some special occasion (and pay nothing). I do think that bulk idea sounds good though — those special occasions only come three or four times a year …

Recently, I’ve finished reading 1st and 2nd Samuel, so now I’m into 1st Kings. I believe I’m at the 16th or 17th chapter. I’m actually learned a good bit from it (although I’m not studying it in depth). There’s so much to learn in those chapters. One things that really stands out is generational curses. One guy can lead his entire family to total ruin, which is what several did. I know over the course of my lifetime my mom has researched our family tree and used some of that information pray against generational curses within the family. She’s told me a few (a lot of my more distant relatives, for example, have been alcohol/drug addicts). This is a topic I could really expand, but I think right now just isn’t the time. Also, it’s midnight, I really need get to bed.

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  1. Well Hindsight always will show you stuff you’ve done wrong. And slow down on the Chocolate, and get a coke. 25 cents a can if you buy bulk. Thats 6 bucks for 24!

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