Ah, the Season

This time of the year is so awesome. I love it. It reminds me of all kinds of [good] times in my life. I love how the family all comes together. That’s probably one of my favorite parts of this time of year. The best part of everything is being able to see all the rest of the family open their gifts (I actually don’t like getting gifts). I think it’s so awesome. I can’t wait to start getting the house looking diffrent for Christmas time. I just love it.

I’m ready for Christmas music to start playing on the radio too.

On a news program I was watching about Christmas in America being done away with (the name) I overheard a guy state that stores are “offending” and are “disenfranchise” their customers if they were to mention “Christmas”. For some reason, the 20% of Americans we’re “offending” shouldn’t be living in America if they’re that offended of something so small (as our country has a rich Christian heritage). The software I’ve written, E-Blah, mentions God in it’s credits and over the course of about three years, only four or five people have ever whined about it (which I told them they couldn’t remove). For some reason the rest either overlook it, like it, or just could care less (and hopefully one has read it and changed their life). Those who don’t like it can change forums, I’m not comprimising even in that area just to make everyone happy. I remember when Chevy sponsored a Third Day event and got all these people roared up about how they were sponsoring them. What’s bad about it? Other corporations sponsor crap I don’t care about, why not sponsor something I do care about? So the moral of the story is this: don’t comprimise anything just to make someone else happy. If you get in the position to fall and comprimise one area of your life, business, or family, you’re only setting yourself up for total demise. Even if comprimise means you lose a few means, or even your life, never comprimise. One sin can cause your entire family name to be wiped out.

2 Replies to “Ah, the Season”

  1. Yeah I don’t buy all this “no Christmas” stuff. I’ve been playing Christmas music since October, and StartXchange now has Christmas icons in the surfbar, and the only complaint was that they are smaller than the other icons so they can be harder to see for old folks. If anyone complains about Christmas.. In the words of StrongBad.. DELETED

  2. Christmas is the best….I’m super excited for it this year cuz we are in a new house, and there are lots of new possibilities for decorating! 🙂

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