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Okay, so I had a final exam in English today and the topic I chose was “Television”. I decided to not e-mail myself a copy, but instead just save it to my blog so I could post it later. I also saved another draft of something I started at random (I couldn’t use it for my final though because it wasn’t one of the topics). Without further ado, here it is:


Since the invention of television, there have been many movies created, lives portrayed, and money made. The movie giants seem to be cashing in with almost every film coming out of Hollywood. The worst movies of the 1960’s are nothing compared to the movies labeled the “cleanest” of the current age. Are Americans enjoying the new movies littered with sex, drugs, violence, and secularism? Complaints to the FCC, which have exploded in recent years, seems to point to the answer being no. In addition, movies portraying more of these negative attributes have been proven to make the least amount of money at the box-office. Why, then, are movies still being written helping demoralize Americas families?

Few people seem to know that in the early days of movies, Hollywood had a code they followed. Either a movie passed this code, or the movie was not generally acceptable to the majority of people. This code limited what content a movie could include without having disapproval of the public. In the 1950’s, however, this code was abolished and a new set of standards, which is in use today, was formed.

This new set of standards Hollywood set to follow puts few limitations on what a movie can, or cannot have. The old system limited how much sex and violence a movie contained; the new system abolished this completely, allowing the movie producers to publish movies with any content they wished. Today’s movies can contain any form of “expression”: from a drug dealer made hero to an extramarital relationship between a man and woman. This new system is completely done by those in the movie industry, allowing these industries to give a movie any rating it so desires.

There have been an increasing number of boundaries within the industry being broken, forever being done away with. What once was a forbidden word on the public airwaves is now a common word. There once was a time when homosexuality was not even suggested of being portrayed on television. There are now few shows or movies which do not have at least one character who is homosexual. Slowly this form of entertainment has moved from free expression to near brainwash to those who watch it.

Children, whose families vividly express what is right and wrong, now have the choice of television. The media giants believe this generation is theirs, and in many cases, they have good reason to believe so. Parents are repeatedly allowing their children to watch anything on television, without any form of supervision. Children have little knowledge on what is right and wrong unless their parents guide them. With many parents using television as a way to stop their children from bothering them, Hollywood is allowed to slowly infuse generations with the garbage they wish children to have – much of which is directly against all the morals a family should be built upon.

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  1. I’m a student at Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania. I just want to thank you for posting that little excerpt about television. I have to do a presentation tomorrow about reality tv and it’s negative qualities and this helped a lot. So thanks a bunch.

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