The Battle

An interesting event took place over the weekend. The Battle Cry event took place. I have no idea what happened at the event (I’m sure it was awesome). A very interesting event took place, though, durring the event:

Twenty-five thousand evangelical Christians demonstrated against TV sex and violence in San Francisco this weekend. But that didn’t go down well with the city council, which passed a resolution condemning the rally as an “act of provocation” to negatively influence what the council called America’s “most tolerant” city.

The group, called “Battle Cry for a Generation,” uses the Bible to counter what it calls corrupting influences in the media. But the San Francisco Chronicle reports that about 50 counter-protesters denounced the gathering as a “fascist mega-pep rally.” And San Francisco’s State Representative Mark Leno called the Christians loud, obnoxious, and disgusting, adding, “they should get out of San Francisco.”

Source: Fox News

There’s two main points that really interested me. One: attention was drawn (national, as this was on The O’Reilly Factor). Two: the enemy has his eye on this and is not happy and he’s terrified (because he’s already been defeated and WE WIN/WE’VE ALREADY WON). There’s rarely a time when you see this happen (protesting against a Christian event). Things are happening that can’t be stopped. There’s a lot of prayer and intersession now that just can’t go unheard. I believe time’s running out. It’s almost midnight. We can’t stay in limbo and watch everyone else — we’ve got to act. We’ve got to pray. There is going to be more than just a few [secular] defections …

2 Replies to “The Battle”

  1. Well I don’t know if having a big rally is the way to go. Mass crowds tend to generate some bad effects. Really the way to go would be to NOT WATCH THE SHOWS.

    Advertisers pay BIG MONEY to have their ads shown because they know alot of people are watching. Well what if they found out that a HUGE MAJORITY of people weren’t watching the shows because of that stuff in it? They wouldn’t pay so much or would advertise during a different show. That would send a message.

    A big crowd protesting won’t do anything. It’ll get a little publicity, but it won’t get them to stop doing something that is making them so much money.

  2. The rally was in a stadium. It wasn’t a protest. The Christians there were peaceful. I think you got it twisted. 😛

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