Spur of the Moment

Tonight was a spur of the momentmovie night.  I hadn't expected to watch a movie, but it happened.  I was trying to find some information on something and came across a TV webstream (that was in great quality) that was showing the Left Behind movies.  I've saw the first two, I watched the second one again tonight.  The movies are great.

I have a thousand thoughts in my head right now, but no real idea about how to convey them to [readable] text.

I drove the family to my aunts house tonight.  On the drive over there my dad (who reads my blog) started talking about how I need to talk more and talk to some girls.  It's difficult.  This week's been mildly difficult.  I'd liketo have a girlfriend, sure, but there's a lot of questions too.  I've picked up that there is one girl in each of my classes that are Christians (not positive about History).  It's kind of weird though when you see someone and then you see that they're married (or engaged — either way, they have a ring on).  I'm not that concerned with finding a girlfriend (/wife) so much.  It's depressing not having someone to talk to sometimes, sure.  When she comes, she comes.  So far, I'm not that sure I've saw anyone at AUM that I really could like that much.  There's a few that I could talk to, but I'm not sure about date.  Grr.  I don't know.  Whatever happened to it being a gift to be single?  I don't want to be for a long long time, but right now that's where I am.

I'm tired.