I've been pretty silent on The Da Vinci Code debate. It honestly doesn't interest me that much. If it was historically accurate it does sound like it'd be interesting (although how can you make something that far out accurate?). Honestly, just reading 1st and 2nd Kings is some of the best reading in the world. It's awesome. That's besides the point I'm getting at though. One of the largest reasons why I do not wish to read this book is the fact that is tries to confuse fact with fiction. This is actual a great tactic for governments trying to brainwash someone. If you can confuse someone about what is good and what is evil, your job is MUCH easier. For example: say you wreck your car and it was the other persons fault. Three years later someone writes a fictional book about a situation almost identical to yours but blames it on themselves. The reader knows he was not at fault before the read, but at the end he's confused as to whether or not he was really blameless. Bad example, perhaps, but it works.

The book is number one on Facebook. Aside from the fact that this probably isn't "scientific", it does include a great majority of college students (or once college students). The Bible is number three (below Harry Potter). I'm not too sure how the whole "don't go see this movie" campaign from a large majority in the church went, but honestly it drew a lot of attention to it — good and bad. The church needs to proclaim the authenticity of the Bible (it's authentic, and there's a lot of proof to back it up). I watched something tonight that said the majority of people are ignorant to church history. I couldn't agree more. We've got to know the church history. It's incredibly interesting too. I'm think we'd be surprised at the amount of people who do not know what Protestantism is. That's not even the largest part (in modern church history, I'd say it's close to number one, if not number one). I don't know near as much church history as I'd like.

One side note on this, why isn't many people defending Leonardo Da Vinci? Talk about slander. Everyone who thinks of him now thinks of this book [of lies] as something he thought up. Not good.

I'm thankful for those who are there that give encouragement. Everyone has bad days (weeks, and months), and we all need people here to encourage us. Sometimes I feel like I'm not reaching anyone, but then I'm proven wrong. A few weeks (or months) ago I was wondering if E-Blah even reached anyone with the credits. Not too much later, I got an e-mail from a guy who said that it planted a seed. Even if it didn't do much, it led to something.

We should all be encourager's. I want to be an encouragement to people. Someway. Somehow. I love just listening to people, maybe that's some encouragement to someone. It encourages me sometimes when I've got something going on. I love just helping people. Several weeks ago we had an in class assignment that I knew and understood pretty well. I could have left 30 minutes early or so, but instead decided to stay and help the those that sat around me that did not understand it. I'm not saying that for credit, but this is what we, as Christians, should do. If we have a talent, we should use it … sometimes it causes discomfort. We are supposed to live selfless lives. Would I have really missed those 30 minutes? Not really. I would have got home that much sooner. Lame excuse for not helping someone, I think.

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  1. Hi Justin, I just wanted to let you know that many people probably read your E-blah copyright. I do, with the many that I have on my websites, and it is a nice reminder for a Christian to have. šŸ™‚

    Qualities of helping people seem rare these days. So FEW people are NOT self absorbed. It is frustrating. Yet, it is refreshing when you find people who care about others.

    Keep up the great work you do! ~Wendy

  2. E-Blah has done more than planted a seed here and there, Justin! The Christian anime forum has been the instrument the Lord has used to bring quite a few teens face-to-face with their apathy towards Him, leading to recommitments and rededicated lives. Other teens on fire for the Lord have shared their testimonies, encouragement, and counsel. The CAO offers Bible studies, prayer support, pastoral support, as well as theology debates! E-Blah is remarkably easy to use, and very versatile. We’re going to be starting a Christian Bible Study forum next, coz I have quite a few friends who want to do online studies and debates away from the teen scene. Thanks for using your gifts for the Kingdom, Justin!! To God be the glory!

  3. The strangest thing is that someone I know, from my last church, had great interest in “The Da Vinci Code”. She said that she found the history of the early church fascinating and that’s why she loved the book even though she knew it was full of inaccuracies.

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