18 More Days

Classes start in 18 days.  Until then, I’ll be working at another school.  I’ve stayed in school just about this entire year, technically.  I’m working at ACSC (Air Command and Staff College), which supplies the students with help for their laptops, which we provide.  We hand out a little over three-hundred laptops next week.  It’s interesting sometimes.  Right now we’ve done all the tasks that were scheduled for this week (minus a few minor items), so tomorrow may be a lax day.  Our main offices air conditioning doesn’t work so we’ve been hanging out in other rooms as much as possible (until the students show up, anyway).  When it’s 90 degrees outside at 9:00pm, just imagine what it is in our room.  I’d say it’s about 85 degrees in there, but I could be wrong.  No computers have died, so I guess they’re holding up pretty well.  I’ve been working ACSC for a good 4 to 8 weeks now, and like it pretty well.

Anyway, my classes start back on Monday 21 August 2006.  The main thing I’m looking forward to is being able to have a normal sleeping pattern.  Right now I get up at 5 and get to bed by 9 … or try.  Here lately I’ve not been able to sleep until 11 or later, which is bad (and also messes up my eating habbits and such).  I’ve got Calculus 1, Literature, Biology (I couldn’t take it last year because of scheduling), and some MIS class.  I’m not sure how the load will be.  I’m taking one more credit hour, so the tuition went up a little bit.

I’ve set a release date for the next version of E-Blah, 19 August 2006.  Hopefully I can get the new version, E-Blah 10.0, out to the public that day.  Normally, when a new version comes out that helps me out monetarily (so I’ll have a little spending money and such).  It would have been great to have gotten it out mid-June or so, but that would have been an entirely unrealistic date due to the number of changes to the entire system, which have been quite extensive.

Oh!  A few weeks ago I somewhat retyped out a list of scriptures I posted several months ago.  I retyped the, origionally, for someone at church that I’ve yet to be able to hand to that person.  I think others may find it helpful so I’m going to post it here.

I’ve had a pretty good week!  Other than being tired, it’s been pretty good.

Well, I’m off to bed as I have to drive to work tomorrow …