Already 9:30.  It was a tired day today.  Quite repetitive, but that’s okay.  I have two more full work days left, which I’m kind of wishing wasn’t so now.  I like the job a bit more now that I’ve got stuff I can do.

My car is getting a new clutch.  There’s always hope.  I’m hoping that replacing the clutch is going to fix everything.  Right now, the people on the car forum I’m on are saying it may be a bit more of a problem than it was.  Bit more of a problem meaning more time and money.  There’s always hope, so that’s all I’m doing.  This is why I like computer.  Only a few mechanical parts.  Cheap replacement for those parts too.

Not sure how to type the other thing on my mind now, plus I need to get to bed.  Coffee just don’t wake me up.  My sinuses are all screwed up now.  I never remember having such problems with my sinuses in Colorado (because it’s dry?) … but some people did (bloody noses, and such).  It’s life I guess.

Oh, on Monday I found someone (a customer at work) to fill out an evaluation form on me.  Those things help in re-employment next year.  I’d enjoy coming back out next year.

School starts back Monday.  Excited and nervous.  And middle-sided.

iTunes did something really bad … they added the History Channel to their TV Shows.  I guess I may purchase my first show on there sometime.  Two dollars isn’t too bad, I don’t guess.  Plus, I like ’em!

Finally, “reverse” — the entry title — is for that thing I’m not sure how to type.

Edit: Okay, so I just bought one of the shows from iTunes and the History Channel.  It’s The Revolution series that’s been on.  I’ve not been able to watch it because it comes on a 9pm on Sundays — the time I get to bed.