Run or Hide

It’s 11pm on a Saturday.  I had a pretty full day today.  I went to Auburn with the family, then washed and cleaned some of my car, and then went to Starbucks with Jennifer.

We listened to one of the sermons from theFurnace on the way to Montgomery and back.  It was “Methods of Grace” and was about praying the scriptures.  It’s one of the sermons I really enjoyed.  I enjoy a bunch of them though.  On that note, I need to start doing the things he said.

I’m going to keep with my list, I think.  I’m not going to make it something above what it’s meant to be though.  It’s guidelines.  It’s what I want for the long-term.  I know there’s someone out there, I’ve met one or two.  They’re just harder to find, I guess.

I’ve decided to wait on a new computer.  I have the money, but I need to save some up.  I think that’s the wisest thing to do right now.  Also, I think the parts I want are just going to keep going down.  On top of that, I should probably wait until Windows Vista is closer to launch.  So far, I’m liking XP better though, as it’s easier to get stuff done — it’s more efficient for a computer programmer.  Vista is a pain to get simple stuff working.

I’ve been trying out Windows Live Writer, which is a program that lets you post to your blog.  I love it.  It’s quick and simple.  It does everything perfectly fine.  The last three entries have been written with it.

I wish it were easy to write all the things I think out.  I started this at 11pm, and it’s now 1am and I’ve not wrote anything about what I really want to write about.  Nor will I.  How lame.

I meant to mention this about three or four days ago, but got side tracked: recently the messages from New Life Church has been like a mirror of what I hear the next week or so at my church.  Really there’s just a few main scriptures that I associate with them, which has been cool.  So far it’s been pretty much about grace.  Perhaps it’s coincidence that I listened to “Methods of Grace” (David Perkins) series and “Living in Graceland” (Aaron Stern) series at almost the same time.  Maybe it’s not.  But they were released almost right after the other.  Sometimes it feels like they go one ear and out the other.  I hate that.  I pay attention, but sometimes it’s not something I really remember for an extended period of time.

I’ve been thinking about Passion ’07 again.  Just thinking, though.

I guess it’s better if I just get to bed now …

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  1. Yeah, I agree. At the current state, XP is better for a programmer; however, I feel once Vista gets to Release Candidate state (remember we aren’t even at Beta 3 yet) that it will be at least a lot more convienent if anything.

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