Movies and Life

I’m glad this past week is over!  This will be a two day week, so I’m happy for that.  So …

The girl that rear-ended me didn’t have insurance.  I’m not sure where it goes from here, but I’m guessing the state will do something.  We have to fill out some paper for the state.  It says they’ll verify we both had insurance.  I’ve got to get an estimate soon, so I’ll probably try to get that done Tuesday since I don’t have school.  I’m not really worried about it, I know it’ll all work itself out.

World Trade Center 2006 MovieI went to the 9:55pm showing of World Trade Center last night with Jennifer.  How can you really put into words movies like this?  The movie was good.  There were many moments that were really sad.  I think people need to see this because many people seem to be quickly forgetting what happened on that day … and that it can happen again.  If we don’t learn from History, we’re going to repeat it.  It rarely ever fails.  It merely repeats itself, and with gradually more devastating loss of life.  One of my favorite parts was when Dave Karnes, a former-Marine, went to his church and told his pastor he believed he was given a gift to help with the efforts, after which he went to help at ground-zero.  If it weren’t for his efforts, there probably would be a few less people alive today.  It was an awesome story, and one we should always remember — for fear of forgetting.

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  1. yeah that movies was awesome!! The marine reminded me alot of a christain how the world might seem like there’s nothing that we can do. But there are a ton of lives we can save! I went to see that with one of my christain friends and he thought the same thing so I loved the movie
    Love in christ

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