Entertainment captivates people. It’s something people pursue. Entertainment is a part of life, we all want to be entertained at some point or another during our day. Some people live for it, while others just enjoy it from time to time. Where does entertainment go from being just something we enjoy, to being an idol, something we obsess over?

I’m not going to say I know that answer, because I really don’t know exactly myself. Entertainment in itself isn’t bad. I like to watch movies sometimes, play games, and the like. There is always a point where too much can become a bad thing, though. There’s a point where it can steal away and blind a people from the things of God, from living our life in positive worship to God.

I enjoy playing video games. Is this wrong? No. Too much time spent playing them can be though. I’m writing to myself tonight. There’s been weeks I’ve spent hours and hours just wasting away at video games. I’m not alone, I’m sure there are other people who spend three and four times as much time as I do playing games. I think many times it’s a way to fulfill a need of just something to do.

I’m, in no way, trying to say spending a little time playing video games is wrong. There are certain games, movies, and music (all entertainment) that I do believe is wrong or can be wrong. I’ve wrote several things about my thoughts on those here.

I’ve been thinking a little bit tonight. I think often times pushes us away from Christ. From a military standpoint, I believe this would be a good idea for an enemy. If there is a way to preoccupy the opposing foe with fun and enjoyment, it will both blind and weaken the enemy. If this enemy is blind to the army all around it that is about to overtake it, it cannot fight (blinded). It cannot attempt to fight if it’s not trained (weakened). It’s a great strategy, and is used in diversions – where the opposing side brings a small force to the diversion front, but then surprise attacks from another direction.

In the same way, I believe, we can be – and are being – blinded and weakened. We spend time entertaining ourselves, while not realizing there’s an enemy at our doorstep. We are weakened by not knowing the Word of God. I think we’re all guilty, and no one can ever fully be prepared. However, we can prepare. We all cave in to sin at times even though we don’t want to, but even so God has given us everything we need for life and Godliness.

Do I know all of the Bible? Of course not. I dislike, and think I’m horrible, at memorization, and honestly take less time than I should at trying to memorize. I still need work in areas. There’s obvious things we can do though, such as limiting our time on the computer, watching TV, and just wasting time with stuff that doesn’t matter ten minutes from that point. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I need to get more serious. It’s not always easy going through stuff alone. Sometimes it feels like I’m alone, but I know that I’m not alone. There’s always going to be valleys and trials, those are always the times where faith is decided. And we must go through those valleys, because those are the times where character is built.

To sum it all up, we need more of Jesus, less of us. More love for Christ and others, less self-love. There’s a real enemy out there. We, myself included, need to wake up. What are we going to be committed to?

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  1. i was talking about something like this with my friend (that was on God.tv) about being blinded, fooled, or deceived.

    Its just funny how the enemy made prayer to really look boring, and honestly enough with my PC, movies, and all the entertainment around it will really look boring, and blocking the whole power the prayer can make.

    we underestimate the power of our intimate connection with Jesus, prayer, and the enemy is really doing everything he can do because he knows that through prayer, he’s done with that portion because through prayer Jesus moves as well…

    heh… well done entertainment i think?

  2. Yeah. If you can get someone fixated on something else for so long, they can’t focus on anything else or will not want to move to the “next step”. It’s sad, but everything I said in this post is something I myself need to learn, and many I feel like I’ve not even began to. 🙁

    This all said though, I don’t think entertainment in general is evil, but too much is bad. Just like too much sleep.

  3. True that, hey we won’t get the revelations that we recieve if we ourselves don’t need it. Thats the Spirit at work, changing us from glory to glory, strength to strength…

    I just remembered samson and delilah here… the enemy made samson focus on delilah more that he revealed his weakness…

    I guess this is where this generation is… sleeping on the lap of delilah as the spirit of jezebel works her way in each and everyone of us…

    You’re not alone in that chain budd…

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