The Love Letter

There was a dimly lit light that made reading difficult, but manageable. It had been two months since it happened. How long must life go on like this? Alone. You’re completely alone. There had been a time of joy, but that was before it happened. It was a struggle now. A lonely struggle. He knows he isn’t alone. Yes, you are very alone. He struggles to understand. You are worthless. He knows he is valuable, loved completely. He reads the words on the pages but says it cannot happen. You are insignificant, of no use. He keeps reading. He remembers the night it happened. He recalls it vividly. The words are so brilliantly written on these pages. He hates you. He finds the words he was searching for. He reads the love letter. He scans it over and over. The love letter. He hates you! He falls to his knees. He’ll never accept you. He’ll never love you. He cries out. “Save me, please save me! I’m sorry, so very sorry.” He’ll never accept you. He cries out again. The lies fade away. Fade quickly away. I love you completely. I died for you. I forgive you. The one in the love letter was speaking! “I love you.” He continues to read. He finds life. New life. I love you, I ransomed you. You are mine. New life.

This would be something I quickly wrote. It’s just some things that were on my mind and almost completely random. Or were they.

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