The Plane Ride

I’m on the plane, headed to see Katharine for the first time in three months.  I haven’t flown in years, and as such have forgot a lot of what it’s like.  As we were ascending, I thought about how amazing everything is.  Pictures cannot describe how beautiful this place we call Earth is, and the One who made it, who is all so often overlooked, is so very amazing.  How can you explain it?  How can He be described in words?

So far I’ve just seen a little piece of Montgomery, and the rest has been clouds (about thirty minutes in).  When I looked out and watched the plane ascend, my eyes misted in the thought of how amazing my God is.  He is beyond amazing, beyond describable.  I think about the times throughout the day that I’ve overlooked something, such as the rain, as just something common and not for what it is – amazing.
It has probably been a few years ago now, but someone mentioned how when she was praying one day she just recognized and thanked God for the beauty of the things He created and how the response was, “thanks for noticing”.  It was something I will never forget.  Christ reveals His love throughout life, but all so often we look the other way or treat the good He’s shown us as commonplace — and all too often, we complain about it.

We complain about the rain.  We complain about it being too hot or too cold.  We complain that it only rained a little.  We complain about so many things, things that are beyond our control and solely in His.  I’m guilty of the same, and I probably do it countless times a day, but when was the last time we took the time to just be thankful.  You’re going to the lake and it rains, and we complain.  Why are we ungrateful for the rain when we’ve been praying for rain?  Often times, it’s just because it came at an inopportune time.  Are we going to complain when Christ returns that it was at an inopportune time for us?  Why do I spend so much time complaining, and so little time being thankful?

I want to be completely awed and amazed at how great and amazing He truly is.  Is it possible to always be thankful?  Yes.  Is it something that’s easily done?  No.  It’s something we must actively do.

How, in the ways that Christ expresses His love and beauty, can one still adamantly reject the One who created life?  He makes Himself so visible to those who truly seek Him.  And His beauty is amazing.  His creation is so wonderful, and the wonder of it all is that, in everything He created, He created us — to have a wonderful relationship with Himself.

He truly is amazing, wonderful, and grand … and He is the true source of all life!

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  1. i often look at those things to when i am going on long road trips or in an airplane.. God i so good and his work is unexplainable.. the skys declare the work of his hands. he can do all things.. forever i love my lord.

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