The Deadly Sin of Pride

If there were one sin that all other sins branch from, which would it be?  I believe it would be pride.  Pride is the sin that says to God, “I know better than you do” about this or that.  It causes a people to become so bent on their way of thinking that any other way of thinking is wrong.

Something I’ve struggled with most, I think, is this sin.  I love the feeling of being in control.  I hate being wrong about most things.  I hate something I’ve done to be talked about in a negative way.  I see many things as challenges — if someone says I can’t do something like they want, I see it as a challenge.

The thing that’s hard for me is this: how do you overcome pride?  I’m honestly not sure, other than getting close to Christ and staying in that place where only he can get the glory.  The point where we’re in complete trust of what Christ is doing in our lives (and wants to do in our lives).

I think, in many ways, I’ve never really realized these things until the last year or so and also with starting work.  I’ve realized this for a while now, but it’s really beyond me of how to “fix” it.  I can’t fix it.  Only the Holy Spirit can teach me how to walk in humility.  That’s part of the journey, I think, that I’m on right now, though there are a lot of other things mixed in …