Long Day

Today’s been pretty long, I guess. I woke up at a nice 5:20 AM, and was off to work by 6:06 AM. Work was … well … it was work. I like it, it’s great, but there is one thing I dislike: the air conditioning. It bothers me, and it bothers me bad. The huge A/C unit never shuts off. I mean never. It was on the entire day today. It’s probably between 50 and 65 degrees in the room (I’m tempted to bring a thermometor in there to actually see the exact temp).

Anyway … enough about that. 😛

I went off to AUM today to schedule my classes. I’ll be taking Pre-Calc, English, Music Appreciation (have to have a fine art), and American Government. It sounds pretty cool I guess. I’ll be going to school Monday thru Thursday 9:30AM to 12:15PM. Not too bad, not too bad. Orientation is August 18th, 2005. Classes start August 22nd, 2005.

When I got home from there, guess what I got in the mail? My letter from Emma. Emma’s so sweet. 🙂 It came all the way from Canada … it took about 7 days total to get here. I’ve already wrote her back. For those that don’t know, Emma’s someone I met from Firestream. She’s one of the coolest girls I know. 😀

Well, almost time for bed. 🙁 I was wanting to listen to something from New Life Church tonight, but have no time. 🙁

I should also mention Tim Linden‘s blog, which is one of my friends and who also hosts eblah.com for the masses. 🙂 Very good man. He just recently got married to his forever girlfriend Natalie … who also has posted a few things on his blog.

Well, it’s 10:03PM … that means: bed time. Or, I “should” get in the bed but probably “won’t” get in the bed for another 30 minutes … but still. I’m out!