Digital Cable Television

A new day. New days are for diffrent things. Okay, that’s lame. Moving right along to discussion …

Today was a little better at work on the ice box side … I went out one a ticket for about an hour or two so that makes work fly by and also makes me stay normal temp throughout most of the day. So it was good. I get to leave at 3:00PM, so I’m normally home by 4:00 (7 to 4). I’m hoping I can get something setup where I can work there while in college or something, as that would really, truely, be the optimal workplace, for various reasons. I love the laid back enviorment there.

When I got home I had to help clean the pool. My parents drained it and then refilled it after cleaning it. It was pretty nasty, but I got there right when they were getting done so the worst of the filth was out of the way before I got there.

I then went upstairs and checked out our digital cable which was installed today. I must say, it’s pretty nice. We get the Starz channels amoung a little over 100 other channels. It’s pretty good as we went about 3 or 4 years with no cable what so ever. I like the TV Guide, it’s nice to be able to see whats on instead of waiting for that TV Guide channel which has some of the worst programs and all that you must listen to. I put a nice little lock on the TV so R, M and NC-17 programs are blocked. 😛 Gotta put a password in to watch those programs. 😉

My internet just went out, which is ticking me off. It goes off sometimes and doesn’t work for a while …. makes me very mad. Esspecially when you had something you wanted to do or look up … but then find out you can’t because the thing isn’t working. The cable company gave some bogus answers today as to what the problem was. One, of which, was “connect it to your computer”. I can’t because it’s binded by MAC address and my NIC’s MAC address isn’t the one on the wireless router (which is actually spoofed with my old NIC). Then they said the CAT-5e cable might not be good … which is bogus because I just changed it. But hey, I know they don’t know much … they just read some books and are sent out to do installs when they’re really not qualified to do such. lol 😛 So I don’t blame them, I just wish they could fix it.

Ah good, it’s back on now. 🙂

I’m listening to the church service I didn’t get to listen to last night, so I’m gone.