We Are Tomorrow

All my people, we’re ’bout to rise up.

It’s the end of a long (long?) Tuesday, 5th of July, 2005. It’s that time of day again, that time when I get on the laptop and write a long, never ending, journal (blog?) entry. Today is no diffrent. It’s time to Rise Up. I’m ready to get out of the regular mundane thinking, and get on to something that’s worth living. It’ll be gone soon. Soon.

Work. Work was diffrent today. I helped distribute (well, sort of) laptops to the incoming students at the AFB, and then I went and rolled up CAT-5 cable into something we can just get out and stick in the new students laptop bags. I get to use a laptop in the room I’m in, so that’s good as I’ll be able to move it around and all, and might can get some privacy from time to time … if I so want it.

I wonder how Emma’s doing. Everytime she gets online I’m not here. 🙁 I hope I can talk to her soon though. 🙂

Character. Character can speak a million words, but might not ever have a word spoken. Character is who you are. Not who you’ve been, who you want to be, or who you hope to be. Character is who you are, now. Know what’s awesome about character? People can say some of the meanest lies about you, but the people who know you will know they’re no more than that: lies. Character tells who you are. People with character doesn’t change day to day; character is firm. It doesn’t sway between opinions, it stands firm.

That’s all I’ve got to say today.