Short Post

Todays will be short, I think.

Today was a new day (it was?), with new things (eh?), but … fine I stop with the same stuff I say every day.

At work I had to help profile computers. Profiling them is putting them on the domain (chaning the computer name, for instance), and then setting up the users with e-mail (finding their account basically) and getting their calendar in Outlook all setup. It’s easy, takes about 10 to 15 minutes per computer. It may take 30 minutes when you’re into a good part of the movie. Yes, we were watching movies. We watched Scary Movie 3, Wrong Turn, and Bruce Almighty. Were they good? They were decent. Wrong Turn was probably the best, but I hated how much blood and gore was in it. We started watching Any Given Sunday, but after a while I asked the other intern, Cody, what the story really was and he didn’t know … and so I was like, “yeah, every other word is a cuss word”. So we changed to Bruce Almighty. Stupid movie, I’d say. It gave me something to do though.

After I got home I bummed it out. I saw Emma got on and left me a few IM’s at like 12:00 PM today. Too bad I was at work. I looked at hundreds of profiles on MySpace and found … maybe 3 that were interesting to actually read. I think I only found one that didn’t say “Christian – other”, but the bad part about it is … they didn’t act like it in stuff they were saying. *shrug* That’s just how it is I guess. There were a few that I was like woah … awesome people here. I added myself as a friend to a lot of those Christian groups space. Oh, know the sad thing about the “Christian – other” thing is … most probably go to “Protestant” churches. 😛

Anywho, it’s time for me to hit the hay. More profiling ahead for tomorrow. 😀