God is Good!

History. I love History. I love studying History, one of my favorite channels is the History Channel. I watched about two hours worth today at work. One show was about balistics. Very cool how it all works. 🙂 The other was about tanks and Jeeps. Then I had to do a little work, and then it was time to clock out.

He’s (God’s) so freakin’ awesome!!!!!!!! How do you express feelings for someone who’s blessed you beyond what is even imaginable? Can you? Not in all the words of the dictionary is there a word that can describe his awesome, awesome, greatness. There are times I’m just feeling so down and “hopeless”, but those are the times I ultimatly need to put my eyes on the One who can help me. God is Love. The creator of the universe loves me. He’s just so freakin’ awesome!!!!!

There comes a time when we just need to look at his awesome greatness. I do more asking than thanking Him for all he has done for me sometimes. I mean, Christ gave his whole life up for us just because he loved us, what kind of love is that? I mean, I might give my life up for someone I love greatly and someone who loves me back (such selfish love), but would I give my life up for someone that hated me and wanted nothing to do with me? That’s what Christ did for us. That’s what he died, was beaten for. There’s times when I feel like I can do everything, but then there’s other days where I don’t even want to get out of the bed (well, that’s every morning, but you get my drift). There’s a time when life throws this nasty curve and we’ve got to put our complete faith and trust in the ONLY one who can bring us out. *screams* He’s so freakin’ awesome!!!!!

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  1. God is good, God is Great! No doubt. I thank him for helping me get through the last 18 months in Iraq. He got me home alive and in one piece. He put me in a position in Iraq the minimized the risk of getting hurt or killed which did happen to others quite frequently. My job also allowed to to get in touch with my family and friends back home quite often. Oh there is some hang ups and bang ups along the way but He will get me through these as well.
    We all know this is a harsh, crule and sometimes lonely world. This is where fellowship is so important and can make all the difference in the world. I admit waking up and feeling alone is very hard. It is so hard some are treated for depression and even worse. I do think that God will provide for you but in His own way and in His own time. My cousin Jeremy was 30 years old and lived in a small rural town where there was no one to meet but his sister lived in a very urbin town in another state while her husband was going to graduate school. Well she met a young lady in a church there and brought her home to introduce her to her family and of course her brother. Well to make a long story short her friend and Jeremy are now married. You can only credit our Lord and Christ for this. Now I am not saying you should just sit at home and do nothing and expect some woman to just pop in to your life but what I am saying He knows how you feel, He is there for you and if you need it he will provide. So we just need to be patient and try to live a christian life the best we can and live each day to the fullest.

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