Breathe You In

Wow, I’ve not posted since Sunday. So this might be a long post, might not. A lot of things have happened this week.

First, the title of this entry is from a new song off of the new Thousand Foot Krutch albulm, The Art of Breaking.

I’ve always been strong
But I can’t make this happen,
’cause I need to breath,
I wanna breath You in,
a fear of becoming,
so tired of running,
’cause I need to breath,
I wanna breath You in

That’s some lyrics. I love the lyrics, so awesome. One of the great more worship oriented songs out there. That’s the song of my heart right now. I just want to breath Him in. Anyway, the CD comes out Tuesday, and I hope to get it by Friday (I pre-ordered it).

Today was diffrent at work …. I did a few things (not that that’s diffrent), but it took about the same ammount of time I had nothing to do. I went and watched a DSL router/modem be installed. I got to see inside the phone area (where all the phone cables on base go) … that was pretty cool. So, so many wires. And these aren’t cables — these are thin wires all over the place. Then you have cat 5 and fiber all over the place. It looked very complicated, but it seemed the lady working there knew what she was doing.

Later today I went to another building and got to see a switch that had lost it’s OS (fun stuff right there), and we had to go upstairs and copy the OS from it’s memory to a PCMCIA, then copy it to the other switch. I got to enter a few commands (wow, hands on), and then we left and it was about time for me to leave.

It was raining pretty bad this morning when I got in to work, it poured right before I got to work, so I was soaked when I got inside. Tomorrow is “lax” day, which is where I can wear jeans basically, so I’ll wear me some jeans. Yeah, it looked pretty bad with soaked khakis walking in to work. They dry quick, though, so it’s all good.

It’s just a little less than two weeks until Colorado. Wait … I mean, there is LESS than TWO weeks until COLORADO!!!! Okay, a little excited: yeah. Three years is too long, far too long. I’ll be in a big city with two Best Buys and a (gasp) CompUSA once again. It’s been too long, too long.

I’ve been reading a lot of news at work, as I always do, and I have found several really cool things, one of which is a cool keyboard that let’s you change what each key is. Why it took this long for someone to think of this: I don’t know. I just wonder how much it’ll cost and when I can get me one (if it’s good as I hope it is).

Well, I believe I’m going to try to go ahead and get in the bed. I’ve been going to bed a little late, and getting up far, far too early. So I’m going to go ahead and fall out I guess.