The Schedule

Just one week and I should be in Colorado — or at least close to it. We got our schedules today in the mail for the confrence, we’ll be at church the entire day Friday and I believe Saturday. We get our first speaking by John Bevere, so that should be an awesome way to start the 3 day event off. I’m both excited and nervous at the same time (because I really don’t know anyone there), but hopefully it’ll all go great.

Today at work we watched three movies: Final Destination 1 and 2 (half of 2), and Walking Tall. I’m going to talk about them, of course, but first some information on what I did today. We profiled computers, lots of them. We’ve still got hundreds more to do, but we got a good bit of them down today, which is good. We also listened to a little music while we did some of the laptops — I mainly played some of the new TFK CD and a little Disciple.

Now comes the movies. Which should I do first? The bad or the good? I’ll do the good first. Walking Tall was one of the best movies I’ve saw while working there. It has both a positive message, and keep you interested. The guy comes back to his small city to find that there’s a casino, porn shop, and drug trafficing in his city. Needless to say, he’s mad. And he does something about it and cleans up the city. Good movie, and well worth the watch.

Now the bad. While bad, though, it has some points that need addressing that are good questions the movie posed. Final Destination was both a horror movie and a movie targeted towards those people that love death. Personally the movie shouldn’t have been rated R. It should have been rated NC-17. It’s really that bad. I watched both movies and the second movie does have nudity (topless female flashing people in their cars). If that were not enough the movie is littered with death. Everyone but two die in the first movie (and those characters you later find out die in the second movie). Death is a part of life, yes. This type of death isn’t. If you don’t die the first time, you’ll die a very gruesome death. The catch is that there are people who can “see signs” about other people that will die (I see this could be a correlation to demonic activity, and I sure do not doubt it). I don’t remember anyone in the movie that had a quick and “painless” death (unless you think painless is a bus running head on to people and blood spatter all over the place — which was the only one that wasn’t exactly shown on screen — one of the only ones that wasn’t, I may not have been looking at the screen though).

They make some points thought that basically you can “cheat death”. There is a time for everything, and it just happens to be that death is a part of life (thank goodness 99% of the world won’t die the bloody painful deaths portrayed in the film). Death was introduced by sin, and goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. Death will always be a part of life. However, what the enemy wants us to believe is that death is death. There is nothing after death. Hell is such a real place, and movies like this come directly from it’s pits. God is the creator of life, not death. There were many demonic elements about the movie that can very well be placed in the movie. What the viewer doesn’t know though is that those elements can be wrapped around them and can literaly push the Holy Spirit out of their lives (obviously it would probably take more than one viewing). The big problem with Christians today is that many of us do “whatever feels good”. We don’t discern what’s right and what’s wrong. Movies like this is literally inviting the devil in. That’s just it: plain and simple.

I want to point out one spot on the second movie, at the very beginning. One of the guys cars explodes, however, he doesn’t die on impact — you see him burning alive and screaming for help. While that’s scary to see in the first place, it filled my heart with hurt (maybe that’s not the word, greif, maybe) when I thought about people that have died that way (most notibly Christians who died at the stake). They gave their life that way just so people could know the greatest gift of life — knowing Jesus.

While I don’t really know if all horror movies are “evil”, I can say that God is not the author of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Horror movies are meant to plant fear and evil into the hearts of God’s people. That’s the plain and simple truth, and it’s sad that some go in … never to return. Never to return. People can go to church, people can claim to know God, people can claim everything we want to, but if they do not know God they’re still going to Hell. That’s just it: plain and simple. The Word says that people will say they’ve prophesied in God’s name amoung other things, and that God will tell them to depart from Him because they do not know Him. Christ asks so little from us, and yet we give him even smaller than the little. If we would just give him one tenth of what he asks … one tenth.

One last thing before I head off. I was listening to the radio today and it got me to thinking about something that was said. If you had just one wish (or three, in my case hehe), what would it be? I kept listening and he asked if it would be money, etc. Then I got to thinking. Truely, I don’t believe I would ask for money. I believe what I would ask for is to a.) know God so much more than I’ve ever known anyone else in my life combined, b.) an few friends here on earth (best friends), and c.) either wisdom or God’s presents. That’s truely what I want. Money and material things make me less and less satisified daily. Every day I feel like I get so much further from things that I used to enjoy doing (like staying on the computer).