Three Days

Three days have went by since I last posted a journal entry. Three days until we’re leaving for Colorado. I have to keep myself in the know about that.

Moving right along. I’ve not been doing much for the past few days. Today I didn’t do too much. I had to get out of the house for a few minutes, so I went to McDonalds and got me something to eat, then swung over to DQ and got me a Moolatté. It was kind of weird though when I went to DQ though. That’s another story though.

I went and bought two new CD’s by Plumb (Best of Plumb and Beautiful Lumps of Coal). They are both pretty good CD’s. I’ve always liked Plumb, she’s one of the best Christian rockers, in my opinion.

Last night we went to Ashland, Alabama last night (and got home at around 1:30 this morning) for a purity thing. It was pretty good. I stayed with the “adult” group, and I think it was good. I observed a lot (umm, I don’t really know a time I haven’t observed), and learned a little. Ether way some of the stuff that was said is, indeed, very sad. The parents had some really good points though, and I enjoyed listening to them talk about everything.

Actually, last night the speaker at the end (where teenagers and adults were joined together) asked if someone felt like they were the only ones serving God, and wanted to find a friend that has a passion for God like they did, and that was exactly what I’ve been wanting for the past 3 years. It seems, sometimes, that there isn’t anyone around here that really loves Christ, and follows him. While that’s probably obvious in most other parts of our country, it’s just killing me. I still believe though, I still believe I’ll get a friend that Christ has sent my way …

There was a comment about my previous post on who I’m looking for in a wife. Basically what was said was that it’s impossible to find a girl, yet alone a wife like that. I’m not going to satisfy for anything less than what I have listed there. I have a few other things I also add to that list, but they are personal and between me and God only. Really, I’m glad it seems impossible. I don’t want another relationship with just some girl that’ll only let me down. I asked God, and I know he’ll give me the impossible (and so much better than what I ever dreamed of). I don’t care about what her past is. Christ is awesome, and I know that one day I’ll be married, Lord willing, to the love of my life that Christ, not me, has put there. God has someone for me, and so does the enemy: I don’t want anything of what the enemy has for me in a girl anymore.

I was thinking, I haven’t went hiking in years. I miss going up in the mountains of Colorado and hiking, fishing, and camping out in the mountains. I used to love that as a kid. I’ve probably not been since I was 13 or less. I grew more of the indoor type in middle school, I guess, and haven’t been an outdoors type of person for a while. I wish I could go hiking though one of these days, I miss that.

There’s a song called Real on one of these Plumb CD’s. Just thinking of the title, I want to be remembered as someone who was real. I’ve always been up front and straight with people — no matter if they don’t like it (sometimes that could be bad, but normally that’s the best thing).

I am hungry for something that will make me real
Can you see me and
Do you love me cause
I am desperately searching for something real

I think that’s what everyone is really longing for, just to be real. So many people are trying to do things to fit in with others, they’re replacing real with what the world titles “real”. Is it really real though? I have no problem with being real, I love being real. I don’t see how people can do things just to “fit in”, it would require too much work on my part than what it’s really worth.

I just realized that I have one more month until school starts, it’s getting to be less than a month now. It seems like I’ve been out of school for a long time already, and it seems so weird that I won’t be going back to high school anymore. Just very diffrent. I’ll be going Monday thru Thursday, which should be pretty good. I’m hoping I can keep my current intern job while school is in session and just go to work on Fridays (and possibly after school, since I’ll get out at 12:15). I’ve got to go up to the school on Thursday, August 18th, and see about all my classes and all that jazz. I hope I can learn a little that day, but again, I’ll just have to wait and see.

I thought I’d point out that I’ve added my contact (instant messenger) information to the side of my blog under the Author area. That’s just a few updates on my blog area, I guess. 🙂 Also anyone can register and post comments. On another note, if you register and do not get an e-mail with your password, e-mail me or IM me, and I’ll get your account all setup. With that, I’m closing this post …

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