Long Weekend

It’s been a long, but good, weekend. First I hung out with Jonathan Friday night. We played a few games, and watched John Bevere from Desperation. I enjoyed it. Saturday we went up to Montgomery and watched a movie, War of the Worlds. I wish I had time to review and talk about the things I liked about the movie, but right now I’m really pressed for time. It’s late and I need to get in the best as soon as I can for work tomorrow. I wanted to post what all happened, last night. I couldn’t though because it was so late.

A few things happened this weekend with church and all. First, I talked to the pastor and Uncle Scott about a lot of things I’ve been wanting to share. Second, we’ve got the laptop moved to the back so I can start doing the on screen projections durring church. I talked to my mom for probably two hours last night when I got home, which was around 9:45 or so. There was a lot of stuff shared there too. Last night I told the pastor how I was going to start, also, going to LWWC. Now, when I said that the pastor didn’t like the idea, however, tonight my Uncle told me he’s pretty okay with it after it was all said and done. I just hope this is everything I’m supposed to do. My mom said I’ll do the right thing, so hopefully that’s right.

Speaking of which, my mom the other day wrote some stuff out on a paper for me to read. I still haven’t read through it good enough though, I just haven’t really had time. I had to fix, or I’ve been trying to fix, and get rid of a lot of spyware on the computer my sister uses. It’s loaded with it, so it’s been consuming my free time today. I have a virus scan running now while she sleeps though. I really want to discuss a lot of what happend over the past two days, but I need to go to bed now. I may talk about a lot of it more in depth tomorrow.