Tired, Just Tired

Over the past few days, or weeks now, I’ve been doing all sorts of stuff with my server (mainly doing updates to stuff, trying to fix things, etc). Tonight was no diffrent. It’s coming to a close though, I’m going to take a break from modifying the software on the server for a while, if I can.

On Thursday of next week I go to AUM for orientation. I’ll get to learn all about whatever I’ll be doing there the next few weeks and months. I might should just trying going full time durring next summer and maybe double up some and get the two years before I start to focus on my major, and then re-evaluate whatever I plan to do after that.

I believe I’ll be updating my previous entry on who I’m looking for in a future wife, with a new entry, to reflect some new things I’ve thought about recently that have to deal in the way of money and finances,along with a few other little things. My other post which discussed how difficult it will be to find my future wife, was kind of reaffirmed to me today while overhearing some converations (that I really could care less about hearing). I thought about it for a few minutes, and then thought about marrying the wrong one and being miserable the rest of my life. This is one reason I’m going to add finances later on, because I want to make sure whomever I marry doesn’t want to spend money to be in debt, along with a few other things I’m curring thinking about. It’s sad to see people out there that are miserable, and it’s painful for both sides, whether they like to admit it or not, it’s just sad. It’s a position I don’t wish to be in, and I’m willing, however hard it may be, to wait until the one comes around.