College – Day 1

Day one of college. It happened. Today was the very first day of my college experience. I got there at around 9:00 and had a few minutes to just “chill” until class started at 9:30. The first class: music appreciation. While I’m not much of a fan of music [class] in school in the first place, I was a little sceptical upon entering. It paid off. I definatly wasn’t “amused” by what we’ll be doing in there. I don’t really mind it that much though, I know I’m going to do work — I just didn’t expect it to be in a music appreciation class. I might not mind it too much, though. I have to do an oral presentation (eek) about music, so I think I’m going to sign up to do Modern Worship. That might be pretty cool to research. We can work with a partner, but I don’t know anyone … but maybe I can meet someone and we can do it together, I would love that. We also have to go to a concert … so I’ll be experincing a concert soon, I suppose.

Next class was English. We did very little in the class, it was actually pretty good. I had to write an essay (which I believe I did sorely on). I’m good at writing on the computer where I can just … type — like I’m doing now. But sitting there putting my thoughts out with pen and paper, it’s both slower and I find it more difficult to do. I wrote about Desperation. I thought it was somewhat decent, although I put my heart into the posts here … what I wrote there was just mind to paper. I hate reading mind to paper. Very boring stuff. Maybe someone will see something out of it and all though. We’ll just see.

Now … tomorrow is two new classes. First is math, second is government. I like both of them, but really I don’t know how it’ll be in class. That’s a post to be saved for tomorrow.

Ah, a lot has seemed to have happened since my last post. Anywho … thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I don’t normally address the reader, but thanks. If you’re a reader and ever find an entry you want to comment on, feel free! I love comments about the entries. Now I’m off …..