Wednesday – 10:29PM

Okay, this week has been a new experience, which I think is kind of obvious. Tuesday, the second day, was more event filled than Monday and I did a little work (took notes in Math) and then just listened in on American Government (which wasn’t too interesting, as it was the first day and all). Today was about the same as monday, only I think I had even more free time. I got out 30 minutes early in each class. Speaking of class, I no longer have to take the remedial english class that was worth no credit. I wrote an essay, and it was good enough to get me up a level (and I really thought the essay was bad). It was also good because I got the wrong book for English anyway, which I was already going to have to go return.

Well, that’s been my college life experience. It’s kinda boring (the talk about it), so I’m not going into too deep of detail (I’ll put myself to sleep).

Now moving on to other things going on in my life. Tonight was church night. It was another pretty awesome night and all. I think I kinda got some “reassurance” I needed on a particular issue that I’ve been thinking about lately, so that was good. I’m not going into much more detail with any of that though.

Over the past few days I’ve met someone who’s helped me a lot, and I think she’s just a really cool, awesome, young lady and I think I have to post a little something her. Her name’s Sarah. I hope she don’t kill me for adding a little shot of her face, but hey. She found me on MySpace (I hate that site more and more each day, but at least I found, she found, someone good on there). She’s been an awesome listener, and we’ve had some pretty deep discussions, which is something awesome (and you’re lucky if you get a deep discussion with me for 10 minutes … let alone 5 hours …. for several nights). She’s a very committed 18-year-old, who loves God (oh, and listens to Christian Rock). Now, I can’t say some of the stuff we’ve discussed … but either way, some awesome stuff (did I say how awesome she was, and how I like the name Sarah …). Anyway, this is her …


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  1. Well Justin – First I’d like to say thank you for fixing this script from the PHP 5 Bugs. Man I’m glad I didn’t upgrade. Phew.

    Ok, anyways. Christian girls do rock – I married one myself. Just try to stop digging yourself into deeper holes. You may think of them as deep discussions, but really girls can get upset easily.

  2. Aw, Justin that is so awesome!!! I am SO glad you found a gal (a purty one at that ;)) who you can talk to and hang out with! AND WHO LISTENS TO CHRISTIAN ROCK! AH! I hope it all works out for you!!! w00t! Keep us posted!!


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