Let You In

This week has started out good thus far. Even with six hours of sleep I’m still doing good — couldn’t sleep last night. I’ll probably call tomorrow and get an appointment to schedule for my spring classes. I’ve not idea what I’ll be taking. I’m wondering what adviser I’ll need to go to. I guess I’ll find that out tomorrow when I call them. Oh, church is tomorrow, can’t wait.

I made an “A” on my presentation on Development of Worship Music to the class. I’m happy with it. I need to do good on this last test and the other thing from that class — I’ve not done too well in that class.

My dad sprayed for bugs again. They should be all gone now. I guess bugs is just one of those things you get to enjoy (enjoy?) while you’re in the south. I hate them with a passion, but I guess I’ve grown a little more used to them all.

3 Replies to “Let You In”

  1. Justin – move to RHODE ISLAND. The only bugs here don’t really do anything. Lady bugs, well we got mosquitos but you don’t have to go outside at night..

  2. NICE. I installed Firefox and Google Toolbar at the same time by clicking the ad at the top – I didn’t realize it was adsense so I hope you get something good =P

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