Drown Me in Your Love

Last night I went, we all went to Auburn (my cousins and Jenna and her boyfriend). It started out all right with us going to the mall and then getting a bite to eat. When we went out to the theater things went downhill. I had already picked out a movie — which was all right with everyone before we left — but once we got there, Jenna made up her mind she was not going to watch the movie I had picked out. She looked at the board, saw “Prime”, and said she wanted to see that. I was fine with it — as long as she called my mom first. She obviously knew that it would not be a movie my mom would approve of. I then said we could go watch it, but when we got home; my mom WILL know what movie we went and saw. Of course this did not tinker her bells any. So I just got tired of standing there and we all left. That leads me to where the real problem lies…

This night may very well be the last night I go anywhere with any of them for quite some time. The truth of the matter is this: I am not compromising in what I do just for the sake of being liked. Sure, I do not have many friends — and possibly this is why. I would rather have no friends than have only one friend who I compromised everything I stand for with constantly. The last two times I went somewhere with my cousins I’ve had to compromise with them (by going to the parking lot once and “racing” on another occasion) and this time I wasn’t having it. Sure, they may be mad at me, but I would rather them be mad at me than I have to come home and repent of everything I did that night. I am not going to compromise anymore. I am trying so very hard not to judge anyone, but when people that confess to be Christians and then compromise — it does not look good. I do not want to have that kind of guilt and conviction in my life for myself.

There are jokes sometimes that people share and when I do not laugh, I am sure people think I am stuck up. I process things and think of things a lot more often than most people. If the joke is dirty, I am not going to make the person feel good because they know how to tell a dirty joke. If the joke is funny but not dirty or mean spirited, I am fine with it although I may not laugh (as I am probably thinking too hard on it). Sometimes I do not laugh and then turn the joke on them when I act serious about it. That is just another one of the ways that I am different. Being different is so awesome, sometimes it can get you down though if you do not compromise and do what others want you to. Sometimes I feel all alone, but feelings are not truth.

Recently I’ve been reading 1st Samuel (actually I finished it), and found several key fundamentals that either got lost in time, or just have been erased due to “offending people”. One of these fundamentals is that of parents. Eli’s sons were wicked due to lack of discipline (1st Samuel 3:13) he and his entire family died younger than they were supposed to. This is why parents are supposed to discipline their children — if they do not they are sinning. That one sin could cost their sons or daughters’ life, and even more — their own life.

Another interesting thing I found in 1st Samuel is this — although David was running from Saul and feared for his life constantly, David would not put a hand to Saul. His army tried to get him to once and David almost went through with it but only cut off part of his clothing. David had an awesome fear of the Lord. David knew that Saul was God’s anointed King. David feared God so much that he would not even let the person who boasted of killing Saul live. David also killed the men who killed Saul’s remaining son. David had a fear of God. David never spoke a word against Saul. David sung a song upon Saul’s death morning his death! Saul was chasing David, yet David respected him and did not demand his right to King. David knew he was going to become King, but he also knew it was not by his timing but God’s. Today God still has anointed people, some may seem crazy (David acted crazy once), some may be poor, and some may be rich. The truth of the matter is that we must make it a priority not to speak against anyone God has chosen — EVEN if we do not agree with whom it is or how they act. This is something my moms really let me know that even if I may not agree with some people on TV, I need to make it a priority not to say anything against them. I may be speaking against God. I want to have a fear of the Lord that is great like that of King David. Sure, David sinned many times but he always had true, from the depths of his heart, repentance.

Found in1st Samuel 15 verses 22 thru 23 (NLT quoted) is the last point:

What is more pleasing to the LORD: your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to his voice? Obedience is far better than sacrifice. Listening to him is much better than offering the fat of rams. Rebellion is as bad as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as bad as worshiping idols.

This scripture is awesome in that God is not as pleased with what we do for him, but rather or not we obey him. Delayed obedience is disobedience. This one act added to the things Saul did against God, which in the end put an end to his family’s line of kings in Israel. Rebellion is as bad as witchcraft. That is a powerful statement. Today witchcraft has been “glamorized” by Hollywood. Sadly, more and more people are trying to justify what they watch on TV just so they do not feel guilty about it. I recently watched “The Notebook”, a well-put together movie. I really enjoyed the story, it showed a mans deep love for his wife. The fact is — that movie was morally offensive. It goes directly against the scripture numerous times. The story was great; the adultery could have been left out. Those parts DID NOT add to the movie, it took away from it. I would have been ashamed if I had taken a girl to such a movie. When we compromise a little thing, it puts just a little foothold for Satan to enter our lives. When it goes outside the realm of just TV and actually committing those sins, you have just reaffirmed that the foothold was firmly planted in your life. I’m tired of people telling me I can do stuff and it’ll be alright when it’s simply trying to get me to compromise my faith to satisfy my flesh.

I have been there; I have listened to the worldly music. I have committed adultery (both physical and mental). I have watched movies that were morally offensive. In all three areas, looking back, I can honestly say that they did NOTHING good for me in the end. They caused pain and hurt. Sure, I can try — and probably could — make a great argument why all of these are all right to do. “I can relate to worldly music”, for instance, is a great excuse for justifying listening to it. “We’re going to get married, so nothings wrong with having sex” is also an awesome excuse. “Oh come on, it’s just a movie, it’s not real”, also a perfect excuse. Now the truth in each is this:
Music: you should not “be able to relate” to having sex outside of marriage, not forgiving your friend for the pain they caused you, or about leaving your husband/wife for some other man/woman.
Adultery: truth of the matter is 99% of those who say this, never end up getting married. They may have a kid or two, but marriage never comes about in the whole ordeal. I have been there (minus the kid) — it does not work out.
Movies: Most people are visual. Mix that with audio and you have two senses being entertained. You only have to see something once that will entertain your mind for decades to come (nudity, for example). There are evil spirits that are seeking souls in theaters, they are the best place to influence people. The moviegoer is not proactive. The one watching the movie is simply sitting there. Horror movies are very good about this. Remember that 2nd Timothy 1:7 (KJV) says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Yet that is what horror movies do. They plant a spirit of fear within us.

Justifying sin leads to two sins, which may in turn lead to life without Christ.

I know I have done things against Christ. I am a sinner. I try every day to live for Christ, no matter if I feel like it or not. Sometimes I fail, but that is the time when I have to pick up my cross and just keep following Jesus. I was at a retirement ceremony today for my uncle, and he played a song about the American flag. It made me proud, but it made me think. What if the flag at Fort McHenry had fallen to the British? What if it had fallen? Where would we be today? Our flag had fallen everywhere, but there were men that stood there giving it all they had to keep that flag, at that Fort, flying. That is what we have to do in our relationship with Christ. If the battle around us wages and the oceans roar and we feel like all hope is lost — we must press forward, no matter what. Just like that flag — if we drop our cross, we have to pick it back up. Our thoughts need not own us. Our past must not put us in a rut that cannot be overcome. We have to pick our cross back up and follow Jesus. It will not be easy. It was not easy defending Fort McHenry. When the storm was over, and that flag still stood though it proved that America would not be defeated. Even when the bombs are bursting all around us and we feel like all hope of life has failed, we must stand firm and get back up.

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