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So life’s good.

I turned on the news and low and behold they know where Judge Alito stands on “abortion”. So they talk about it for a while, which was something written like 15 years ago, and then they get this woman who essentially says, “We’ve been able to legally kill our babies for the past 40 years, this judge can’t take away our women rights and let us stop this practice!” Now I’ve got to agree with her, they have been murdering their babies for a while. Actually she didn’t actually say that, but hey — that’s what they’re doing, and they do feel it’s a right to do so. Heck, just because my sin nature might like to do things that are not right, that doesn’t make it right. I guess it all goes back to what I’ve been talking about in other entries. Sadly, these women right people still either haven’t done their research or are living in denial too far for me to phatom. Wow … way out there.

The message last night at church was on when to confront things. One of the things that really stuck out that Chris said was that sacrifice isn’t (*gasp*) giving God your sin. Now for some reason I’ve heard all these people always saying (or maybe just alluding to) that giving a sacrifice to God is giving God your sin. So I thought about it for a few minutes, giving God a sacrifice can be pretty much anything. Giving God a habbit, making time for Him, giving God what’s his (10% — and yes, this is Biblical, and don’t try to justify that it’s not for you), or basically anything else. An awesome quote, that kind of fits along these lines, is by Yoda: “Let go of everything you fear to lose”. This is something we must do. We must be willing to give God everything — even things we may fear to lose. We should not be fearful of losing anything.

On the blog I’ve added a plugin that allows anyone to subscribe to this blog. This means that everytime I update the blog those on the subscription list is notified. To be notified click here. Subscribing takes less than 10 seconds … if there is any problems just e-mail me.

Among other things, my cars sunroof is finally fixed. It’s good to have it working. My cruise control, though, has decided to work when it wants to. Sometimes it’ll work fine. Sometimes it won’t set at all. Sometimes when I set it, it keeps increasing speed until it literally forces itself off (it’s not the gradual letting off of the gas). Hopefully it’ll start working right soon.

It’s hard to imagine almost — another year almost come and gone. It seems just like yesterday that I graduated. Time really flys by as you get older. Thanksgiving will be here oh, so soon. Finals will be here soon (although I’m not really thinking much about those yet). While I just turned 19, it seems like it was just a months ago that I was 16 getting my drivers license. Tim posted this picture on his blog:

A picture of the 2005 Christmas countdown ...

Ah, a Christmas countdown, what we always needed.

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  1. Hey,
    Christmas is coming up so quite spending things on ourselves and start on others.Because 1 thing Christmas is about is giving and giving to the Lord so goodbye and Godbless.

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