Sometimes I wish I could live in a box where just nothing happened.  I’m becoming more and more angry with the Democrats.  The word “lie” is thrown around all the time.   I can’t just say “they’re lying”.  It’s like circular, someone will always come back with a (rather simple minded) statement and say you’re wrong.  If that makes any sense.  They’re not lying.  They’re deceiving.  The problem with deception is it’s hard to recover from.  It’s not just something that can be thought of passively.  It’s down right scary that people are believing things they’re saying.   It’s like a bunch of people walking around with these shields over their eyes, not even attempting to seek out truth.

That brings me to my next point — the easiest deceived are also the ones who are the most bitter about something.  Like a lamb lead to the slaughter, they’re drinking in the deception.  They’ve drank in the “you can’t offend anyone” juice, and now swear by it.  If it only hurt themselves, it may not be so scary (only sad).  However, it doesn’t just effect one person, it’ll effect a nation.  Several months ago I wrote about how political correctness will destroy a nation — a people.  It, in the end, leads to utter ignorance.

I’ve tried to analyze what, exactly, would happen if the Democrats would win this years election, and it’s not just “ho-hum”, business as usual, it’s down right terrifying.  What I’m worried about is that a bunch of ignorant people (those who aren’t into current events) vote.  I don’t honestly believe many people who stay up to date with current events could ever vote for a Democrat.

Next thing on my mind is the ignorance surrounding minimum wage.  The worst thing that could happen to our economy right now would be raising it.  It’d cripple our economy.  We currently have a good dollar value.  If the minimum wage were raised just a little, it’d take our dollar and make it down right worthless.  People don’t get this.  I don’t believe I fully understood this until I took economics last year.  The fact that the Democrats are using this issue shouldn’t be a surprise, as many young people (who would like to work at a higher wage) will be drawn to those who will give them a few more bucks.  Cheap votes, is their thinking.  All the while, they don’t realize it’ll make product prices shoot through the roof overnight, and we’d have a suffering economy for quite some time.  It’s horrible when you have a party that’d rather get votes, than protect the needs of its country.

To those who try to make the war their case for voting Democrat, wars were never won in a day.  If it hadn’t been for a massive loss of life, we (the Allies) would never have succeeded in defeating the Axis during World War II.  They’re ugly affairs, but sometimes, they must be fought.

There’s more to just who you vote for than war and how much you get paid.  There’s more people that have been murdered in America than this current war overseas.  Much more.  This murder is legal though.  It’s purely legal.  The Democrats won’t support their voices.  Never have Democrats, never will Democrats.  These people never have a chance to vote.  They never have a chance to speak their voice.  Anyone that tries to justify “abortion” as a “right” is as guilty of murder as those who are committing the act.  I’m still at a lose for why anyone in their right mind would support murdering of the innocent.  If there’s a single reason to vote Republican, this is it.  We’re giving those without a voice, a voice.  However loud it may be.  We cannot give up on them. They’re helpless without our help.

Finally, I leave you with another cause never to support these people: they try (and succeed many times) to control and manipulate the media.  If all that doesn’t scare you, I’m not quite sure what will.

Smooth Talking …

This past week has went by pretty quick.  I had to work Monday, but I got off Tuesday for the Forth.  I drove the family to watch fireworks.  It was a pretty good 30-minute show.  I didn’t get home until around 11 (and I didn’t fall asleep until 12).  I’ve been reading a new book I got call, “The Burning Heart Contract” by Becky Tirabassi.  It’s very good so far, although I’m not too fond of the 21-day reading (I like a sit-down and read it all, kind of book).  It’s been challenging though, as the book is about committing a certain set of time each day for the rest of your life to prayer and reading the Bible.  I recommend it highly … remember though, it may cost you.

I’ve got another month-and-a-half left until the fall semester starts.  I’m sort of ready for it to start.

Over the past three or four days I’ve got “invitations” for MySpace … being sent to an e-mail address I don’t use publically that much.  It doesn’t even show you who it is, either.  After the fourth one or so, I decided to tell them to block my e-mail address.  Hopefully I won’t get anymore spam from them.  I met several people through the site when I was a member.  Facebook is great, I’ve only met one person through it though (and she was from one of my classes).  It’s just hard to meet new people.  When at school, people have the phone stuck in their ears most of the time.  It makes me wonder how people did 15 years ago when there weren’t any cell phones.

“Prayer in the Darkness” was pretty good.  There’s already another one scheduled for the 22nd of this month.  I should have called the sign up sheet a “Commitment Sheet”.  I may do that, actually.

I’ve been getting sick of politics here lately.  There’s several African Americans on the GOP ticket this year (more than any other year, for any party, I should add).  This is a great thing.  Slowly, but surely, this group of voters are finally seeing who wants the best for them.  The sad thing is, many of their leaders (ie: NAACP) want to keep them poverty stricken.  However, there are an increasing number of up-and-coming black leaders that are making considerable headway, and quite frankly, their sick of the garbage the DNC has thrown at them.  The DNC knows this and is terrified.

The next part of politics is the democrats have succeeded in keeping DeLay on the ballot.  In other words, the GOP can’t replace him with another candidate.  Anyone with a brain (which seems increasingly hard to find in the world of politics), will tell you this is both unfair and dishonest business.  They’ve already trashed his good reputation with things that have yet to be proven.  He’s not even living in Texas anymore.  I’m hoping the Texans have a brain and do the right thing — vote straight ticket Republican.

Finally, the fact that government secrets have a “right” to be leaked.  If we’re attacked again, it won’t be anyone’s fault but the leakers and media.  The leakers are, by all means, committing treason (read definition number 2).  The media is relaying this information to the terrorists (and those who are pretty violent towards the US who are living in the US), committing espionage.  The US Department of Defense Dictionary states:

The act of obtaining, delivering, transmitting, communicating, or receiving information about the national defense with an intent, or reason to believe, that the information may be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation. Espionage is a violation of 18 United States Code 792-798 and Article 106, Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Unfortunately, there’s little chance that anything will be done about any of these incidents.  It’s sad that in America you can get away with this type of stuff.

Finally there’s the people out there that are sad that Ken Lay died in his home before getting to go to prison.  There’s people that wish he “suffered” in prison.  People need to learn that vengeance is the Lord’s.  Unless we were the jury or the judge, we have no right (what so ever) to judge what should, or should not, happen to this guy.  Those that lost money, they need to understand the art of forgiveness.  Life isn’t fair.  Things blow up and don’t go our way — those are the times we’ve got to learn to forgive and keep going.  However, if everyone did this, there wouldn’t be a need for News networks, governments, or anything else.  And politically correctness wouldn’t be a part of that society.

I wasn’t wanting to get too political, but I suppose I did.  I’m tired of watching the news and seeing smooth talking liars leading good people down a dark, deadly path.

Random Thoughts

I wasn’t planning on writing anything here, but decided that I probably should since I’ve not written for a week or so (and I’m feeling a little random, but that’s beyond the point).

For some reason I couldn’t fall asleep last night until around 11 or 12.  I’ve been getting into a good sleep routine, but last night screwed it up I fear.  Maybe it didn’t — I hope, anyway.

Saturday night at 10pm is prayer night at the church. About 5 people signed up, but I’m thinking more will show (I was lame and only put five slots for some reason — I modified the later versions to include 12).  The focus is supposed to be on Isaiah 43:1-44:5 and Isaiah 62.  I’m not sure if that was made clear though, so maybe this will just be a prayer time.  Either way, it’ll be good.  Officially it doesn’t have an end time; unofficially it ends at 12. I’m ready for it!  I’m hoping that I’m NOT tired that night.

Today I had to do a little public speaking. Wasn’t much to it, really (I like public speaking, only when I write what I’m speaking about).  It was a good experience in a way though as I got to help people from literally around the world (this was International Officers).  It was a little different, but a good different.

A week or two ago I was pumping gas and an older guy came on the opposite side and started to talk about gas prices and such.  I went along at the beginning (agreeing gas prices were too high).  Until he started blaming Bush and congress about gas prices and the like.  He told me I should “watch the news” and such.  I told him I did.  Other than that, I just smiled.  One of the things I’ve learned (and still am learning) is that debating draws dividers — nothing more, nothing less.  Unless the other side gets a revelation of the truth (or vice-versa), there’s nothing much good that is going to happen — both sides will remain true to their case no matter what.  The more defensive you are, the more bitter the debate ends.  The doesn’t mean all debates are bad, but many are.  I’ve thought about something I could have said to the guy, but I’ve came to the conclusion that I’m better off how I handled it — with my mouth shut.

An interesting statistic that I heard a few weeks ago that while the divorce rate in America is, sadly, at around 50%.  That’s not that interesting though.  The interesting statistic is that of the couples who pray and read the Bible together less than 2% of them end up in divorce.  Two percent when the rest of America is 50%?  Quite a large difference.

I listened to John Bevere the other night (he spoke at New Life Church again) and it was something I probably needed to listen to.  To sum it up — if God calls you to do something and you decide not to do it He’ll move right on to someone else.  I’ve heard many stories (a LOT of stories) about pastors who where the second and third pick (meaning God had told a few other people to start churches and they didn’t — hence he had to find someone who would).  I can’t speak about it even close to as well as John Bevere put it, so it’s better to just listen to it yourself.

I got a new iPod.  It’s one of those cool video ones.  My case still hasn’t came yet though, so I’ve not really used it much because I don’t want to get it scratched (if possible).

I found some quotes for the prayer night on Sunday. Some of them are so awesome they need to be repeated, so here they are …

“People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the LORD.” — Proverbs 19:3 NLT

“When a Christian shuns fellowship with other Christians, the devil smiles. When he stops studying the Bible, the devil laughs. When he stops praying, the devil shouts for joy.” — Corrie Ten Boom

“It is as true today as it was in Bible times that the man who hates his sins too much will get into trouble with those who do not hate sin enough.” — A.W. Tozer

“Pray, and let God worry.” — Martin Luther

“I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.” — Abraham Lincoln

This one wasn’t one I found (and isn’t for prayer night), but needs repeating as well:

“And why ask for wisdom if you ignore the Holy Spirit?” — Why by KJ-52

So with those quotes I end it.

Quick edit: I just switched from my closet server to the E-Blah servers (for speed and reliability reasons). Let me know if you see a noticable speed increase. Also, if there’s any issues with links let me know.  I transfered it over in about a total of 15 to 20 minutes so there could be some issues (although I doubt it).

Movie Night

I took the Jenna and Mitchell, and Jenna’s friend Ashley to a movie tonight.  Cars.  I don’t do reviews too well, so I’m not going to really try now.  The movie was hilarious.  The movie had a very good (moral) message about selfishness.  I’d love to watch it several more times before it hits DVD, which I don’t say very often.  It is rated G.  I think this is the first G rated movie I’ve saw in theaters in years.  It was very clean, also.

I voted last Tuesday in the Alabama primaries.  There was a marriage amendment for Alabama that I had to draw the little line for “Yes”.  It passed with 81.24%.  In other words, Alabama won’t be acknowledging any gay marriages anytime soon.  The rest of the nation will soon follow suit, I’m pretty sure.  This is, of course great and awesome news.  Oh while on the issue of outlawing things, legalized murder will soon no longer be tolerated either (abortion for any of the pro-slaughterers out there).  Things like that just take time.  Just gotta wait (and pray) for Bush to pick one last judge and it’s gone.  For. Good.

For anyone wondering, I, of course, voted in the Republican primaries.  No way am I ever voting for those who root for the terrorists and don’t respect Godly authority and leadership (or any minority third party as they just steal votes).

The Bloody Field

I've been thinking heavily over the past day or two about the church, my city, and the evil surrounding it all.  I guess I'm kind of on the verge of anger and just deep saddness.  One of the things I hate so deeply is the division in the church.  I hate it.  I hate bad theologies that had good meaning (and are even true to an extent).  I hate evil.  I hate the church's passive stance on evil.  When I say passive, I mean they pray a little here and there (does anyone even show up for "prayer meetings"?), but other than that it's just sweep under the rug.  Evil's out there, but we're just supposed to pretend we don't see it — or pretend it's not really that bad.

Here's the truth: there are thousands of people (many church people included) that are in a sea.  They're drowning.  How can I say this?  They're going to hell.  Hell.  What can I do?  This city loves religion.  They cherish it like a fat guy cherish's birthday cake.  Just tradition: nothing more, nothing less.  They go to school, work, and just life in general and they have absolutely no fruits (of the spirit).  They're so blinded.  They think all they have to do is say "Jesus I lub u, come into me hert".  THAT'S NOT WHAT BEING A CHRISTIAN IS!

One theological element I'm talking about here is that of "once saved, always saved".  It's enveloped this city.  They live by it.  It's sending them to hell, too.  They're dying because a church wants membership.  All the while, the enemy is sitting back — enjoying the blind ignorance of the people.

It makes me want to cry.  I hate it.  Then there's denominations.  I'll be overjoyed when it's not "what denomination are you" and instead "are you a Christian, saved by Christ Jesus".  The church isn't the baptist denomination.  It isn't the Methodist church.  Stop playing church politics.  Church isn't a place for politics.  Period.  Politics plays such a large role in church.  I've saw over the years how politics ruin things.

"Once saved, always saved" can be true — to an extent.  Once you're saved, you have to give your life to God.  You'll always be saved IF you keep that.  It's an if-then-else.  Not just a simple if.  If you give God your life and remain in him, then you're always saved; else you're not and you're not of God.  If-then-else.  Remember that.

It's like throwing a life-preserver over a boat and then when the person who needed saving gets the preserver the thrower just lets go of the string and the boat leaves.  What good is it then?!  That's just like planting a seed and never giving it water.  Perhaps another ship will come by, but what if they don't?

In other words, you just planted a seed in that person's heart that they're "eternally secure".  You've just lied to them.  Now they're going off drifting — doing all the things of the world, not set apart at all.  When they die they'll say: "I thought once I was saved, I was always saved".  They'll be denied because of an eternal lie.  Very, very bad.

I've came to the conclusion that this city can't be saved until religion is first broken.  Maybe I'm wrong, I accept it if I am.  Until the walls of religion are broken in this city, it's going to be that much harder to reach the unsaved saved.  They think they're saved — but they aren't.  I'm not judging people.  Those who are really, genuinely seeking God (even though they do screw up all the time) — I'm not talking about them.  I'm talking about the ones who think they're saved, but they can live however they want to during the week.

On the subject of denomination's, we need to live this song by Disciple, I Just Know.  Who cares if we get in the aisles and dance?  Who care's if someone worships a little different?  Who cares if we pace during worship.  Who cares if we raise our hands?  I love a quote I heard a few days ago: "dignity is NOT a fruit of the spirit".

Something else that I never really thought of — back in Jesus day a lot of babies were slaughtered.  The enemy knew Jesus was the one who was to defeat him so he wanted him to die.  He missed, but a great sin had been committed and a lot of innocent babies were slaughtered.  The enemy has been trying to do it again through what's called "abortion".

Revolution.  I've heard that word used by several people over the past few weeks.  Non-Christians are throwing around the word, as are Christians.  All I can say is this — if the non-Christians get their way — there's going to be chaos.  Entire chaos.  Like riot chaos.  There's only a few more years.  The politics have to go.  The pride has to go.  The church has to get back to what it's meant to do — lead people to Jesus.

We — this generation — are tired of luke-warm church.  We want meat.  We're tired of milk.  We're tired of shallow sermons.  We're tired of shallow people.  We've saw more, we know more, we think more.  We're ready to have a dirty faith — a faith that goes all out for Jesus.  We're tired of little games.  We're ready for truth.  We're hungry for truth.  It's not impossible — it may just mean that some peoples egos may get hurt.  A little more humbleness never hurt anyone (minus the one being humbled).  It's a bloody field, are we going to go and help the sick?  Or are we just going to watch them die?  It's a yes or no question.  Not a yes, maybe, or no.

Things I Hate

Today I was getting my daily dish of news (first from Drudge Report and later from SRN).  The headlines was the "NSA Wiretapping" thing.  I think USA Today has been living in an area of the world without Internet, TV, or radio for the past six or seven months.  The news that "broke" today was "broke" months ago by the NYT.  It was as stupid then as it is now.  Nothing has changed between then and now.  What's even more foolish is how people get in a hissy fit about this.  Are people so ignorant they don't even read the full article?  They're tracking phone numbers to see the incoming and outgoing calls, making sure it's not going to terrorist organizations (not getting your address and name, etc).  I highly doubt they'll care if you take to your wife or girlfriend about dinner.  It should be clear: they aren't using it for anything more … they aren't breaking down all the druggies doors, are they?  It's not cross-America tracking.

Traffic doesn't bother me.  Other people that love to go 20 MPH over the limit tick me off.  I'm going the limit (and sucking down less fuel in the process) … if I slam on breaks, I don't want to have an Intrepid plowing into me.  Why can't people obey to law and just go the limit?  When passing people — and going over the limit — always try to check for cops.  Don't start edging past and then see the cop and slow down 10MPH under the limit.  The cop might pull you over for going to slow.  Be smart — go the limit.

Murder.  I guess it's obvious, most sane people should hate murder, right?  Well, most do.  The guy that was in college, going to research a cure for cancer.  He was given the cure, he was going to college to be able to prove it and put it to use.  Sadly, this was one of the 47 million people killed 21 years ago by "abortion" (you can't really "abort" a life).  Even worse is there are people trying to put legality to the murder.  It's not a right to murder someone.  I guess I honestly got a pure hatred for it when I listened to the JHOP podcast a week ago.  The one that got me was the girl who lost twin brothers by abortion.  It's an evil practice and it shouldn't be stopped, it MUST be stopped.  Why are people so blind?

Liberal propaganda is lame and much (most) of it is evil.  They accept ideas that go in direct opposition to the Bible.  Abortion.  Homosexuality.  List goes on …

Text books that use the words: bigot, fanatic, dogma, etc.  If you want creditability — never use these words.  It makes you look like an ignoramus.  You're going to make people read your propaganda anyway — why use words that discredit all your work?  Personal blogs don't count.  Don't put it in a text book.  Especially if you want people to believe anything you say from that point forward.

Scientists who are still stuck on trying to prove things that have been disproven countless times look funny.  It makes them come off as coo-key.  After a while, you'd think they'd try to come up with a better "solution" to the earths creation (while, of course, still trying to disprove the provable).  Come up with something about more than, "oh, it was millions of years".  Not all are so funny — some are serious and further technology and do things worthwhile — like find cures for things.


I think that's about all for now.  I'll have to post the things I love one day.  I don't hate the people doing these things … I just hate the actions of these people.  Just wanted to make that clear.

In The News

The news hasn’t held my interest as much lately as it normally does; however, I’ve still been trying to keep on top of the most important items in the news.  I have been keeping track of Iran and the entire track they are taking with obtaining nuclear weapons.  Today it was publicized that Iran has began its uranium enrichment. For those that do not know, uranium enrichment is one of the key factors in developing nuclear weapons. The Iranian President has called for, as most of the Islamic countries, the destruction of Israel. To put a long story short, if something does not change soon – there will be no more “diplomacy” talk. It will be war talk. Ariel Sharon ordered on December 11, “to be ready by the end of March for possible strikes on secret uranium enrichment sites in Iran” (source). Nonetheless, things are being set in motion that once are in motion cannot humanly be taken out of motion.

In other news, the man still bitter about losing the election in 2000 has gone to Saudi Arabia and bad mouthed the United States. Fortunately, what he said was not even correct. Unfortunately, these kinds of lies only stir up Middle Eastern Muslims into rioting and murder. Just to think: people wanted him as President of the United States. Are these people being paid by other governments to just badmouth the US? Do they think it makes them look good? My, I sure hope not. These people do not look even close to “good”.