Something’s Out There!

On Monday I got the reply back from my counsoler, she said that she strongly advised I not take the two history classes at the same time. I thought about just doing it anyway, as I must have four classes, but I decided to look at other classes. I decided to check to see if any English classes were avalible (something I had already done) and someone dropped one of the English classes. In the countless classes that were listed, other than the night classes, this particular class was the only one open. I quickly checked my days and all that, and it was the exact same class I had needed and requested the first time! Thank you God! When I registered the class should have went back to closed — as there were 19 people when I registered, I made 20 (which is the max).

I’ve finally got acustom to my new monitor, I really like it. It’s very sharp and crisp.

In my last blog post I forgot to mention something of importance … Sunday morning was like any other morning. I was awoken at 8:30am by my brother, and as always I layed there for a few minutes. Then I felt something crawling around my legs. Of course I don’t really think it’s anything, but I move the covers just to make sure, and low and behold … a spider. It wasn’t a small one either. I got up real quick and got my shoe and killed it. I just wonder how long I was sleeping with that under the covers. It must not have been the kind that bites (unless I made it happy by being warm, and so it didn’t want to bite me). Either way … I hope it never happens again.

I listened to something from my old church tonight. Everything that is said at church here seems to be echoed back to me when I listen to the ones from my old church. The pastor was talking about, for the most part, compromise. I started listening about mid way, though (it was over an hour long), it was very good. The end had questions from the audience, which was also very informative.

Christmas is less than 3 weeks away. Next week are finals (and a math final tomorrow). I guess it’s about that time to get some rest for that final …