I went to Auburn today with the family. They’re trying to find a Christmas gift for my brother (that’s literally sold out, everywhere — even online). I just drove them up there and around town. My dads car tore up on him (starter), I think he’s going to try to fix it tomorrow. He used his truck a few days and had to put like $26 in it. Pretty bad when you can go a week for $23 in the car that gets 35 MPG.

I checked my grades today and was happy to see that I passed all my classes (thank you GOD). I was worried about the music class, but it was passed. The next set of classes start on January 11th, 2006.

Tomorrow I go to my grannys house for their Christmas time.

I’m sick, just a cold. I guess I’ll get to bed, there’s nothing else to do.

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  1. Hey Justin, Good job on the grades. Sorry I been infrequently posting. I got over 43 things to be read in my rss reader, and about half the feeds it cant read at the moment. Oye.

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