Some Topic?

Over the course or life, there are many difficulties — whether in the choices we make, places we go, or the people we meet. Sometimes, though, life can have those times when much seems to be a mess, but little is in actual disarray – on the outside, anyway. Some people embrace life while others let it simply slip away, with my purpose what so ever. The actual purpose these people have in life is in total disillusion, they have no idea what choices they should even try to achieve that day, or even if they should live at all that day. There are many diffrent paths to take in life, that’s why life is so awesome. Why do some people live in disillusion, though, while others live complete, whole, lives? I really wasn’t sure 7 or 8 years ago, as I was living in the disillusion. I remember when I first, really, turned my life over to God. I didn’t pray a prayer. I didn’t set foot in a church. I actually didn’t do much of anything.

It was a summer day, probably in June, when I got mad at my mom (I think I backtalked her, actually). My granny was in Colorado visiting at the time, and while I was in trouble, and I’m not entirely sure what happened next … I do remember what happened that night. My mom, my dad, and my granny were all hovered around me on my parents bed praying for me. After they were done she told me to say I love Jesus (or something to the effect). I wouldn’t do it (I’m not sure if it was pride, or what … it’s still hard for me to say it though). She told me I should tell someone by the end of the night (I’m not even sure what all was said, though). I wasn’t too happy with my parents, but my granny was there and when she was off to bed, I remember catching her and saying those three words. My life was changed forever. It wasn’t a prayer, it wasn’t a feeling, it was simply an “I love Jesus”. I’m not even sure how everything else fell into place, but over the course of that summer I changed. It definatly wasn’t overnight, but I changed. I remember going to an overnight lockin that November (I’m not sure, but I think it was over my birthday), and that was the time I really experienced God for the first time. I’d gone to church all my life. I knew the stories, I knew parts of the Bible, but I didn’t know God.

It’s years later, and I still don’t know God like I want to, but I know that there is power in his name because he changed me. Sure, I’ve messed up. I said those three words and meant them with all of my heart. It wasn’t easy, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. But the change was everylasting. Will saying those three words save you in and of itself? Of course not. But that night I believed in my heart and I confessed who Jesus was. Have I been perfect since then? Of course not, but I know one who is perfect and he will live forever and ever.

The first part of this (and the title) was written the day of my English final, and for some reason I decided to go into what I went into.

So what have I been up to? Well hmm, where should I start. I met a girl, Lynette, and we went to see Chronicles of Narnia (the best movie of 2005, no matter what those nasty critics say) last night. I had a good time. Of course we went and ate, and we went to Starbucks afterwards. She’s an awesome Christian. She goes to my sisters boyfriend, Mitchell’s, church.

Right now, I’m just … I don’t know, I think I should get going.