Christmas Eve Eve

Almost Christmas. We opened family presents tonight. I got some AXE stuff. Tonight at church we went to the Dobbs House and (the ladies of the church) House of Love and Mercy. I actually enjoyed it. After that we had a worship service, followed by a candle light thing. I enjoyed it. We got out at about seven, and so I came home and ate, then we opened the presents. Afterwards I asked Jenna and Mitchell if they wanted to go rent a movie, so we did. I rented The Island. It was a good movie (I love the sci-fi’s/futureristic movies). It had a few things I wish were left out though (like sexual refrences, anti-Creation propaganda, and anti-God propaganda). Over all good movie, it just should have left those few things out.

Last night I went back out with Lynette. I’m not sure how it went, lol. I had fun. We went bowling and then we went to the mall for a few hours. It was a “double date” with Jenna and Mitchell. At the mall we split up, so we got to talk (and we actually did talk). I think, though, that I’ve been saying I’m shy, but I really don’t think I am. I’m quite, that’s my nature. That’s how my parents are. I’m shy to an extent, but I think why I am is because I really don’t have a lot to say a lot of times. Personally I love to hear what’s on other peoples minds (as long as you don’t talk monotone, and aren’t just saying the same stuff over and over) … but in dumb peoples terms: I’m a listener. I can be vocal, however, but normally I’m thinking and processing what has already been said, that I’m not saying anything else (and it’s better to think before you speak). Honestly, I hate getting up in front of an audience; however, when I’m actually up there I’m not as bad (just very nervous). I actually enjoy talking about something I’ve spent time and researched or thought through. I’m not sure why I’m saying all of this though. Oh, we also went to Krispy Kreame and Mitchell and I bought two dozen donuts. As for the date, I’m not sure how it went — I just had a good time with someone I want to know more about.

I’ve got to keep this short because I noticed my old church finally readded the messages that were lost when some server crashed or something. It’s part of their college group, and I really enjoy his messages. So, I’m out for the night!

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