Biblical Truths

I’m not sure where to begin tonight. I’ve been doing a lot of diffrent things lately. I’ve watched several movies over the past few weeks. I’ve actually got out of the house some (outside of school). There’s be a lot going on. There is one thing, though, that’ve I’ve missed. Biblical truthes. I’ve missed it for too long now. Over the past several days I’ve been listening to some messages from my old church on the subject, and they’ve helped me understand a lot of what I’ve been missing. Take Hebrews 13:5 (Amplified): “He [God] Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support.” I’ve went far too long without really believing these truths, or even know they were there, that I’ve bought into lies the enemy has told me about myself. The truth of the matter is that God will never fail me. God loves me, he’ll never forsake me. He’ll be with me until the day that I die. The Lord earnestly waits to be gracious to me (Isaiah 30:18, Amplified).

A few months ago we had a Wednesday night message on this at my church, but for some reason, while I got it, I missed it. I did use the handout that night to find me some scripture refrences though. I’ve printed me out a little list (as I recommend everyone else who reads this do, as well). I’m going to make a point (some sort of effort) to study these and become familure with these passages of scripture. I’ve attached mine here, if anyone is interested in printing it out. All are from the Amplified Bible unless otherwise noted (by the NLT, which is New Living Translation). The Amplified Bible made things a lot more clearer, so that’s why I used it in most cases.

Tonights service at church was about the Alter of Incense. It ended up being almost all about prayer in the end though, which is good.

I rented a movie tonight, Serenity.  It was a pretty good movie.  Really the main thing I had a problem with the “ability” River (character) had in the story (a psychic).  The movie wasn’t that bad in other aspects, though.  In some ways the movie had a good theme and message attached to it, though.

So that’s my life as of right now all in an encapsulated nutshell … or maybe it ain’t.  It’s still a little bit though.  Now it’s time to get to studying these truths.  I’ll probably be posting some sort of New Years resolution (actually several), of which I hope to make and keep, in the next few days.  Learning Biblical Truths just happens to be one of them.  I may just make a full length post for each.