A New Years Resolution?

In less than four hours it’ll be 2006. A lot has happened this year. Now a new year must begin. I’m glad 2005 has left. 2005 has been the best year I’ve had in Tallassee since I moved here almost four years ago, and I’m hoping 2006 will be even better.

Now comes a little New Years Resolution. I’ve honestly never really remember making one (that I really intended to keep), but maybe I’m wrong. By the end of 2006 I will: be speaking more, worshipping GOD much more freely, believe what God has said about me, have some friends (and a girlfriend that exceeds everything on my list), and finish reading the Bible (actually I think that may have been an old resolution, but I’m going to finish everything I’ve yet to read). That’s my list, not too long, but not too short either.

I think those speak for themselves, so I’m going to leave the list alone for now. I’ve been thinking more and more about something: secular music. It’s something I don’t like at all. Maybe it’s too deep for some people to understand, but there’s a reason to why I don’t like it. Speaking from a Christian stand point, the majority of the lyrics in non-Christian (secular) songs are against morallity. When we make the decision to become a Christian, things have to change. This includes music. Then there’s the: why? Why we should change our music style is because of the lyrics. Some will say they can “relate to the lyrics”, which is understandable — for a non-Christian. Most secular songs should not be “relatable” for Christians — especially single (unmarried) Christians.

There are some okay songs written for married people in the “secular” arena. Spoken has some awesome lyrics relating to relationships (see “Wind in My Sails” and “Sleep Well Tonight“). The good thing about these songs, though, is that it doesn’t really have to be directed to a wife … because it’s not talking about sex or anything else. Then there are songs for people having relationship trouble. BarlowGirl has a song called, “I Need You to Love Me“, and while it’s not directly related to “relationship” trouble, it’s an honest song written directly to God.

Secular music puts you in the center — sex is about you, drugs make you feel good, women are objects, men are untrustworthy (although, sadly, this is true a lot of times). With Christian music — God is number one, sex is not about you, women are sisters, men are spiritual leaders. These are the reason why secular music is not fit for a Christian.

There are many awesome Christian groups out there. Sadly, the good groups seem to be overlooked, with some not as good being “propelled” — even in the secular world. There are many good Christian bands out there, yet very few ever see light outside of the Christian music industry (unless they comprimise to some extent). Generally, I’ve found those that have “crossed over” tend to produce worse content (I love the old Switchfoot, dislike much of the new). Am I really trying to just make a case for Christian music? Maybe. Moreover, though, I’d like to see Christians listenings to Christian music. Why? Life is all about God, singing about some girl your whole life is seriously on the verge of insanity. I’m going to forever love, cherish, and honor my future wife — I’m not, however, going to worship her, use her for sex, or anything else.

That’s where I stand on that issue. The music I relate to most is Praise and Worship music, and the truth be told, that should be the music all Christians should relate to most.

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  1. Wonderful insight. Hopefully this year i will be able to keep my new years resolution lol. Have a Merry Christmas tommorow and keep up the good work on tge blog!

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