Being Seperate

This will be short. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow. After reading the book on holiness, I’ve been thinking more and more about things I’m doing that may be sinful and that must be stopped. My mom let me read something by John Bevere, from his newsletter. The topic — holiness. I’ve heard, read, and saw some things that are happening within the church … and change is coming. It’s going to be a “you’re for me, or your against me”, nothing in between. Lukewarm will no longer be thought of as Christians. I want to get rid of every sinful thing in my life that I’ve let just sit there (while maybe not even realizing it); I want to know God. I’ve yet to clean out a few of my games (which most don’t seem too bad), but I’m thinking about tossing all but maybe two or three (if that). If it’s of the world, directly or indirectly against God, it’s got to go. I’m going to start dedicating one to two hours each day to God. Two hours 24 minutes — that’s ten percent of each 24 hour day. One hour 36 minutes — that’s ten percent of each 16 hour day (which is really about the length that I’m awake each day). I guess my question is this: is 10 percent of each waking part of the day too much to give God … even after all he did for me? I’m going to dedicate ten percent of each day this next week to God.

My church is having a prayer walk soon … I’m kinda excited about it. I’ll probably post more on that later though. It’s time for bed now.

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