I’m so tired, but I can’t go to sleep.  So I’m just sitting in my bed trying to do something instead of lay here just trying to go to sleep.  I hate it when that happens … but it happens.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of things today, and really putting it all down is hard, because I’m not sure how to explain it.

Anyhow …

Our friends from Georgia are over visiting.  There wasn’t much going on today, for me anyway.  I probably need to do something productive, which I do sometimes, but sometimes it’s hard to find something to do.  I need a job, but I want to work here in Tallassee because anywhere else just wastes more of my time (when I get off work, I want to go home … not wait 45 minutes and then be home).  I’m thinking about just trying to get a job where my sister works, but I’m not sure I’ll do that just yet.  I’ve just been praying for something to open up … I’m really out of ideas.  All I can do is prayer and have faith, and so that’s what I’m going to do.  God will never fail me.

I watched Remember the Titans tonight (because it came on TV).  We have the DVD, but when we moved the disc became bent, it’s very strange.  None the less, it won’t play anymore.  I almost got half of it to copy, but I could never get the entire thing to copy, so I guess it’s just a loss.  The movie is one of my all time favorites though.  The moral of the story is great, it’s based on a true story, and it’s pretty clean.

Ah, I got a hair cut the other night … finally.  I was starting to have some really long hair, haha.  It’s still much longer than how I use to have my hair, though.  I thought I wouldn’t like it, but turned out diffrent.  Boring, I know.

Well, that’s about all for tonight.  I’m supposed to go to the church tomorrow at 10a.m.  Oh, this reminds me, my church is having a “commitment Sunday” (where you commit to the church, as it doesn’t take membership).  I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to do.  I’m committed, however, I also am committed to my other church.  They offically open their doors on Easter Sunday, so I’ve got some time to pray about it.  As of now I’m not a member of any church (“offically”) nor am I “offically” committed to a church (although I did say I was committed to my other church, though the length of that commitement I didn’t specify).  Right now I think I may just leave it that way, however I’m committed to both — meaning if they ask me to do anything I’ll do it.  I believe this is the way it may stay.  Only prayer will tell.

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  1. Church memberships are crucial. Everyone should be a member of their local church and commit fully to it. Without having a membership you can easily sway between churches which results in them all not benefiting from your attention.

  2. That’s not always the case, actually. I know around here a huge emphisis is placed on who has the most church attendance, and sadly we have more church goers because of it, than we do Christians who are serving God with all they have. When you have that mixed in with “say this prayer and your saved” (with no further commitment to Christ), you have a weird situation … a deadly situation. That’s beyond the point though. 😛

    I’ve not been a “member” of a church ever that I know of. My last church had over 10,000 people so they didn’t even take membership (Living Water, the church I go to now, doesn’t take it either). There’s a diffrence between membership and comittment. Technically I’m a member of each church simply because I attend each Sunday. What I’ll probably do is alternate each Sunday where I go to church, but I’m not positive on that yet either.

  3. Well maybe “yall” run churches different down there =P Up here being a member of the Church is for two reasons: Two show you are committed to the church and to be held accountable by the church.

    I guess having a smaller congregation makes it easier to do something like this. The point is this: Do you participate in church functions? Are you actively ministering within your church?

    If you were to leave the church you go to now, would you be missed?

  4. Do you participate in church functions?
    Yes … when there are any, lol.

    Are you actively ministering within your church?
    Yep. But only one really does any outside of the church ministering?

    If you were to leave the church you go to now, would you be missed?
    Not sure … have to ask them I guess?

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