Then It Left

I’ve been more and more busy here lately.  I started back to school.  Thursday was all mixed up — my schedule (along with others) had the wrong room number, so we were all late to class.  If once wasn’t enough, it happened with both of my classes.  That was out of place, never happened to me before.

I finish the book I was reading, “This Present Darkness”.  One of the best books I’ve ever read.  I’ve been reallying thinking about it.  I’ve started reading the next book, “Piercing the Darkness“.  So far it’s a little confusing, but I’m so tired right now anyway.

I woke up (after tossing and turning the entire night) a little before 8 this morning.  I took my sister to work at 9 then headed to the church.  We got a lot of work done.  I painted some and patched the walls that had holes.  It’s really starting to look better (it looks so diffrent from the first time we showed up back in August).  I got home around 5:30.

Now, the real reason why I wanted to write tonight was because of something completely diffrent than what I wrote about.  I want to write about it, but right now I’m so tired and I can’t think straight.  I guess I’ll shorten it into a few sentences. When I was lost (not a Christian), I remember countless times where I worried about everything.  I hated everyone, it was a time I never want to repeat or go into.  Did everything change overnight?  Nope.  At the time I was in like 7th grade — thus, did my homework go away?  I wished.  What did change I can’t explain.  I just know that the evil that was there was washed out in a name that Satan fears and trembles by.  I wouldn’t trade my relationship with Jesus for anything.  Nothing at all.