There’s been something that’s caught my attention …. to some extent …. lately.  It’s the little Nasa “Stardust” mission.  I’ve not read up on it or rolled around in it like some people do, but the entire purpose of it had me dumbfounded.  I go to a very popular website who’s main purpose is to provide technology news.  From time to time there comes these topics on evolution.  For instance, there’s some “scientific” test being done in some vacume or something to show how the “Big Bang” occured.  Sometimes it seems like I’m the only one with a level mind.  I’m almost positive if these people were in their right mind, they’d see how foolish they look.  Maybe?  Then there are the rest who aren’t that sure what their right mind even is because everything that’s truth is just an allusion to them.  What?  How can there be no absolutes?  There can’t.  An absolute is “not to be doubted or questioned; positive” (dictionary).  I’ve honestly tried to think of a good reason as to why people believe in evolution.  Do they realize how complex life really is?  Do they realize how if we were just a little closer to the sun we’d burn alive?  A little further we’d freeze?  Do they realize that any sort of “big bang” would have to begin, it self, somewhere?  There could never be an “explosion” that would bring about something if there’s nothing to explode in the first place.  The evidence that has been used to prove evolution has been revoked countless times.  This all makes me wonder — if these people, these scientists, were to try to disprove evolution would they see how foolish and dumb it really sounds, and actually is?  They’ve tried to disprove everything in the Bible but they’ve been, countless times, proven wrong.  First you have those saying the history is wrong — then later you have them find the history to back up that it WAS right.  I wonder if a few were to try to actually prove creation if they would still see evolution as an even feasible solution.  I doubt it.

After a certain amount of time the dating techniques scientists use have proven to be uneffective (thus making the dates wrong).  Almost all early civilizations have an account of a flood.  There has been finds all over that seems to question whether there was an actual civilization that was on earth pre-flood.  Underwater currents could move things and put them in actual layers when the flood waters were to go back to their original states.  Right there could make it look like thousands of years are burried all at once, when in actuallity they weren’t.  A lot of this is just my speculation and reasoning as I know the underwater currents are quite strong, and could easily move things around and make them settle anywhere.  Trying to interperate pre-history from a scientific standpoint may seem good …. but so far they’ve done me no good and have yielded no evidence of anything.  Thus I must ask, why is Nasa, being funded by my tax dollars, allowed to carry on their senseless “discoveries”?  I’m all for exploring the galaxy, it’s interesting the pictures they bring back.  I’m just tired of seeing people waste my money on some crusade to find truth where there is none.

Change of subject now …. we got, in the mail, an invitation for the new movie based on the book by Frank Peretti, The Visitation.  It’s going to be shown in Montgomery and it comes out the 20th.  I can’t wait to go!  I’m going to try to go the day it opens.  I was reading Piercing the Darkness, but I believe I’m going to read the other book I had sitting out (to read after it) … The Visitation.

Well, I have some sort of “essay” work to do for English, so I’m going to go get that done.

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