Created to Worship!

I’ve been silent here lately. I’ve not really had much to write about. I’ve been trying to set more of a time a part for God; sometimes it can be tough though. I want to pray and seek God more. Passion ’07 is going to be in Atlanta this year (well, January of next year) I would like to go. I may try to go; maybe I can find a group of people to go with before then. Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman are coming to Auburn on the 17th of next month. I’m thinking seriously about going to that. It’ll be $20, but that’s not too bad.

My family and I committed to Living Water Worship Center tonight.  Tonight’s service was awesome.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in this city (and nation!) this year.

This morning I was just really depressed with a lot of things.  I’ve been just worrying about things instead of just letting God handle them.  I have a lot of things I feel like I need (like a job) – but I’ve not been able to find or get those things.  The main “job” related areas I have a longing to be involved in are computers (I favor administration, actually) and church (while that’s broad, I guess within that it’s technical or youth oriented).  Lately it’s been like walking through a desert (the last three years, perhaps?), but I know my perseverance is not in vain.  Sometimes it’s just like the song by Ginny Owens, “If You Want me To”:

So when the whole world turns against me
And I’m all by myself
And I can’t hear You answer my cries for help
I’ll remember the suffering Your love put You through
And I will go through the valley
If You want me to

I know it’s all in God’s hands.  Guys like to be in control (although we may say we don’t), and I guess jumping off just doesn’t feel safe sometimes.  I have a cartoon of a blindfolded child who’s just walking off of a cliff – and Jesus is right there to catch him.  It’s the faith of a child.  Once you fall off that cliff, you must be totally dependant on God to catch you – even if it’s a great distance away.

I want to go where God sends me.  I’ve been thinking over the past few days of some goals for this year (or maybe next few years).  I’ve made a few goals (finish reading the old testament, for instance).  I want more goals though; I hope I can get involved more in church (and talk more).  I want to go on a mission’s trip.  While that’s the only thing I’ve really been thinking about, it’s important.  I believe it’ll be one of the most awesome adventures I’ve ever had (and I want more adventures!).  I believe it would really alter my life, and I would be sharing the Word of God with people who may have never even heard of Jesus.  I want to do that soon.

Finally, I want to advertise the best Prayer and Worship radio station on the Internet, and that’s The Night Watch.  I’ve had the station on my list for a while but never really checked it out too deep, but when I did I started to really enjoy it.  In the Christian Rock world is still, by far number one.

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  1. What’s next????

    So this isn’t my blog Justin, but I can definitely relate to “not knowing.” I struggle each day with trying to understand where God is leading me to take my family. I pray God will give me faith to take the steps that He reveals to me.

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