A Day Late

It appears that I haven’t posted to my blog in two weeks or so.  I believe that is a record.  I’m not sure, but what’s it mater, I’m posting now.  A lot has been going on over the past few days, so I have a reason (or do I?) for not posting.  At the beginning of this week, I had two papers to write (one I just edited, but it was still work).

On Thursday, I helped at church with building the little place where the computer is going to be located.  When I got home afterwards, the remaining parts of the church computer were waiting at the door.  Therefore, I took a while, built the computer, and installed everything it needed.  I have to admit, the parts that are in the computer – I have never worked with four of the pieces of hardware.  I built my computer with secondhand hardware about a year ago (in March 2005, I believe), and at that time, the Socket T (775) was not even out yet.  There was not anything different since I have installed countless Socket 478.

Continuing in the subject of computers, I have seemed to be working on increasingly more computers lately.  I enjoy working on them and helping people out.  I wish I could do a start up computer repair shop around here.  Never know, I guess, it could happen.  There seems to be more activity with working online with Internet work lately too, and it has helped monetarily.

I finished The Visitation last week.  Author Frank Peretti put a lot of work in creating a relatable story of an ex-pastor who had problems with the church – someone whom changes from more of a bitter person to one of humbleness and dependence on God at the end.  The main story incorporates another story of the ex-pastors younger life starting from his early days as a Christian up to college and meeting his wife all the way, up to where the story was to that point.  The ending was not exactly something expected either.

In class on Wednesday, we discussed a story that we read (actually I’m not entirely sure where we’re at on the syllabus, so I didn’t read it).  The story, Harrison Bergeron, is a great example of how lame the world would be if political correctness lead the American people.  As the story puts it, “everybody was finally equal”.  If someone did not have a handicap to make them equal, the government made sure you did (as not to corrupt the others).  Intelligence was like an ignorant bliss.  While I thought the story was not that tasteful, there is some truth in it.  Political correctness is one of the major terrorisms of our time.  Do not offend people?  If you offend someone it is like you are evil and looked down upon.  There are fine lines between intentionally offending someone, don’t get me wrong.  However, in life there are times when people are going to be offended (sometimes speaking out of love to someone about a problem they’re having that’s sinful could offend someone, for example).  The truth is, with political correctness there’s this false sense of “peace” – but there’s no peace.  Instead of overfeeding someone while they’re around, people just do it when they’re not around.

A few people out there would like to see just what America would look like if liberals ruled it (putting “ruled it” lightly).  This story by Kurt Vonnegut explains exactly what America would look like – an ignorant dictatorship ruled by rulers who control their subjects every move, idea, thought, feeling, emotion … put simply: their entire life.  Thankfully, I think a few people are seeing how they can pull their handicaps off and get out of the liberal mindset.  Unfortunately, there are still many people with their handicaps … and it seems like some enjoy theirs a little too much.  I just hope they’ll see the light one day …

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