I’ve not written in my blog much this month — only two posts!  That’s not good.  I guess I can attribute it to (aka: blame it on) school and slight hole I’ve been in here lately.  I’ve had several papers due this month.  Spring Break is in two or three weeks … I’m kind of ready for a week of not worrying about school.  Over the past few days I’ve been trying to catch up on bugs and features for E-Blah, it’s gone alright.

I don’t have that long, so I don’t want to dwell too much about those things.  The Passion Worship CD’s have made it to the iTunes home page.  This is awesome news.  Currently the latest preview from Passion ’06 has made a solid #5 for total album sales.  I’ve been reading the 286 Blog, very interesting stuff.  Reading it makes me want to go to Passion ’07 (in Atlanta, GA!!).  I need some people to go with me though (hotel and all).

Jason Upton is an awesome worship leader! I’ve known of him for a while.  I’ve just never really listened to him since about a week ago.  All his CD’s are on their shoutcast radio station. I’ve been playing that (it’s added along with the other five radio stations on my playlist — ChristianRock.net, The Night Watch, One Jesus, ChristianHardRock.net, CMRadio).  While on the topic of music, I found that Family Force 5 released their CD on iTunes earlier than the main release date.  I bought it … it’s so diffrent.  Randomness is good!