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The news hasn’t held my interest as much lately as it normally does; however, I’ve still been trying to keep on top of the most important items in the news.  I have been keeping track of Iran and the entire track they are taking with obtaining nuclear weapons.  Today it was publicized that Iran has began its uranium enrichment. For those that do not know, uranium enrichment is one of the key factors in developing nuclear weapons. The Iranian President has called for, as most of the Islamic countries, the destruction of Israel. To put a long story short, if something does not change soon – there will be no more “diplomacy” talk. It will be war talk. Ariel Sharon ordered on December 11, “to be ready by the end of March for possible strikes on secret uranium enrichment sites in Iran” (source). Nonetheless, things are being set in motion that once are in motion cannot humanly be taken out of motion.

In other news, the man still bitter about losing the election in 2000 has gone to Saudi Arabia and bad mouthed the United States. Fortunately, what he said was not even correct. Unfortunately, these kinds of lies only stir up Middle Eastern Muslims into rioting and murder. Just to think: people wanted him as President of the United States. Are these people being paid by other governments to just badmouth the US? Do they think it makes them look good? My, I sure hope not. These people do not look even close to “good”.

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