That Doesn’t Belong!

In other posts I’ve discussed removing certain things from my life (mainly being television). Over the past weeks I’ve also got rid of other things, such as certain websites that I went to. Some of these websites were really cool and at the time I enjoyed them. Now that I’ve left them though, I’ve not missed one of them.

MySpace was one of the sites that I removed from my favorites. I also deleted my entire account there. Honestly, it was a spur of the moment thing. I was actually in the bed already and just felt like the site wasn’t really helping my walk with Christ (possibly hurting it — this doesn’t count all the filth on the site), so I got up and thought about it for maybe two minutes and then deleted it. The website asked me if I was sure probably three times, so I had three chances to back out. I deleted my account there about a month and a half ago (I believe), and honestly I’ve not thought much more about it. I had a two or three people ask me if I deleted my account, but other than that I’ve not thought nothing of it. This weekend, a family member commented on my removing my account. This person wasn’t on my list or anything, they had just been watching it (or so I guess haha). I’m happy because it confirmed that it was right to delete it. The only social site I am a member of now is Facebook — and I don’t spend near as much time on it as I did MySpace, plus it’s cleaner and a little more mature.

I’ve since cleaned out my music and got rid of anything that wasn’t Christian. Some CD’s weren’t music, but I believe I broke over 25 to 50 CD’s this year. I’ve deleted other things that I’ve kind of held on to also, such as chat logs that are years old (really, I didn’t need them either). I’ve deleted all my chat logs since about a few weeks ago (that were modified) and I got rid of all the huge logs. I’ve done a lot of house cleaning and reorganization (I like to be organized though).