Blog Updates

I wanted to post a little about some blog changes, so here they are.

I’ve recently updated the theme and layout of the blog so that it looks a little better and a little less plain.  I’ve updated several of the individual pages also (such as the “About Me” page).  I’ve also tried to do a few things to make the blog more search engine friendly.  I plan on all the upcoming posts to be centralized on a topic instead of having three or four topics in one post — which is easier for me, but harder for search engines and the readers.  I’ve changed the name from “What Comes Next?” to “Revolution Reality”, which is the name of the domain, so now it matches!  I’ve started adding more “categories” which should make items easier for people to search for if they have specific topics they want to find (also it’s more search engine friendly).  Finally, I’ve added “Currently Listening To” and “Recommended Reading” on the block to the right side of each main blog page.  These two sections will have updated music that I listen to, and I’ll add books I recommend to the reading section.  I may expand this and review individual CD’s and books on entries and add a link to those posts instead of iTunes (music) and Amazon (books).  Also note that I added the Bible I read to that list.  I recommend everyone check those two lists out for good books and music.

So those are the new changes (and possibly a few others I forgot).

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