The History of Tallassee

I’ve been reading a book my granny has let me borrow. The book is titled: “A History of Tallassee”. So far I’m on about page 30 and it’s been somewhat interesting. Most of it is information so far has been on diffrent families and their helping found the city. The book was written in 1949, so by no means is it up to date (but very informational and historical). There’s a bit of information, also, on the Native Americans who once lived in this area (Talisi, or “old town”). Some of the most interesting items, though, are the pictures. These pictures that date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. There is also a picture of the high school, presumably from the late 1940’s. Honestly, it looks about the same as it does now (minus the huge air conditioning units on the sides now). Oh, there are also some trees that aren’t there or have been replace. Other than that, it looks the same. There are other pictures of the flood of 1919, the twister of 1916, and the building of the powerplant (dam).

It’s been interesting so far, I may add more later. It’s time for bed now. Time is about to change (losing an hour, sadly).

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  1. Virginia Noble Golden wrote the book. I’ve heard there are a few inaccuracies with the book. There is, supposedly, and updated version somewhere. If you call the Tallassee Tribune office, they should be able to get you one of the books, as I believe they reprinted the books several years back.

    Hope it helps! 🙂

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